Portfolio Contents

Portfolio Contents

You must turn in both a hard copy and an electronic copy of each of the following:

  1. WRITING SPECIFIED BY YOUR MAJOR department (each major department if you are a double or triple major)
  2. EITHER  a revised PERSUASIVE ESSAY from a WRP3 class (at least one previous draft must accompany your final essay when submitting)   OR   an original short, persuasive essay written in a proctored/supervised setting
  3. A COVER LETTER providing your readers with a context for the selected pieces

How do I write my COVER LETTER?  (Click on question to find out.)

How do I prepare my proctored or WRP3 revised persuasive essay?

1.   Revised WRP3 persuasive essay

For this option, revision is required.  At least one previous draft must accompany your final essay when submitting.   In working on your revision, you may consult with others, including your advisor, WRP3 instructor, Writing Center instructors, and tutors.  In fact, we encourage you to do so, and to discuss that revision process in your cover letter for the portfolio.  In revising, keep in mind that you are now being evaluated in terms of one specific purpose: to demonstrate your skills as a persuasive writer.  Other original, course-specific requirements for the paper may need to be reworked with this single purpose in mind. The characteristics of a passing essay listed just above can serve as a useful set of guidelines for your revision process.

How do I revise my WRP3 PERSUASIVE ESSAY?  (Click on question to find out.)

2.    Proctored essay

For this option, you will need to work on your essay in the Writing Center. As a proctored essay, this piece enables the readers to know how you write when you don’t receive feedback or suggestions from someone else (teacher, tutor, roommate). You may use reference books such as a dictionary, thesaurus, or writer’s handbook, but you must work on your own—no collaboration on this.  You may revise this essay as many times as you like as long as you don’t consult others specifically on this piece.  It must always be worked on in a proctored setting.

If you are submitting a proctored essay, you may work on it in the Writing Center Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., providing there is someone available to proctor.

Click here for a list of proctored essay prompts

What is required for my MAJOR PIECE?   (Click on question to see a listing by department.)


Phase 4 for Double or Triple Majors

If you are a double or triple major at the time you make your initial Phase 4 submission, your portfolio submission must include:

  • One cover letter
  • One persuasive essay
  • The major piece or pieces required by each of your majors

If you declare an additional major or change majors after you have already passed Phase 4, the Writing Center will check with your new department to see.  Your new department will review the major piece(s) with which you passed Phase 4 and determine whether they will accept that as a pass for their major or if they want you to submit the major piece(s) required by their department.