How to submit

Submitting your Phase 4 portfolio is a 2-STEP PROCESS.   No later than 2 p.m. Thursday of Week 8 you must::


  • submit hard copies of your cover letter, revised persuasive essay*, early draft of the same persuasive essay**, and major piece (each major piece if a double or triple major) and
  • fill out a submission form. 

Incomplete submissions that are missing one or more of the above pieces will not be accepted.

2. DROP ELECTRONIC COPIES of your cover letter, persuasive essay, and major piece (each major piece if a double or triple major) into your Phase 4 folder on the W drive.

*If you choose to submit a proctored essay, the Writing Center will print out a hard copy and drag it electronically into your Phase 4 folder for you.

**If submitting a new revised persuasive essay from a WRP3 class that you have never before submitted for Phase 4, you must include a hard copy of an earlier draft written before you revised the piece to meet Phase 4 writing requirements.

Required Writing Samples from Phases 1, 2 & 3 must be on file

Your Phase 4 portfolio will not be reviewed unless we have writing samples from you from

  • the phase one Writing Seminar (two portfolios)*
  • Phase 2/FYE (cover letter, annotated bibliography and writing sample)** and
  • Phase 3/WRP (writing sample only).  If you have not dropped writing samples from these classes into your folder on the W drive, please do so prior to submitting your phase four portfolio.

**No Writing Seminar or FYE writing sample is required from transfer students who were exempted from these phases of the Writing Program.

How to Drag and Drop

  1. Click on My Computer.
  2. Open W: Drive (labeled: writprog on ‘Es-filer-01\writcnt’ (W:))
  3. Find file corresponding to first letter of your last name,
  4. Open file labeled Your Name (while you can open the folders labeled Phase 1 – Phase 6 to see what’s in them, the documents in these folders are “Read-Only” and cannot be changed or moved. You can only drag and drop documents into them.).
  5. In another window, open the folder containing the file you wish to drop.

Making sure that both windows are visible on screen at the same time, right click on each document as you drag it over ONTO your Phase 4 folder on the W drive (hold the document on top of the folder so that the folder name is highlighted). When you release the right button, choose “copy here” (don't move the document itself, as you'll want to keep a copy for yourself).

Late Submissions

Submissions are welcome any time up to the deadline of Thursday of Week 8, no later than 2 p.m.  However, NO SUBMISSION WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER this deadline unless you have requested and received in advance an exception from the Writing Program Director. 

If you need to request a special exception to Phase 4 submission policy, print out a copy of the Phase 4 Exception Petition, fill in the portions that apply to your request, sign it, get your advisor’s signature (both advisors if you’re a double major), and then return it to the Writing Center.  Please do this as far in advance of the next resubmission deadline as possible in order to allow time for your portfolio readers and the Writing Program Director to consider your request.

Click here to view and dowload the Phase 4 Exception Petition.