Through writing and instruction, each program will help students further develop the following:

  1. A realistic sense of what it takes to produce effective writing
    • How to identify the nature of an assignment and adapt to various purposes and audiences;
    • How to generate and focus topics, theses, and central themes;
    • How to critique their own and others’ writing and how to give and receive feedback;
    • How to revise their work, attending to issues of organization, clarity, development, and presentation;
    • How to proofread and edit for grammar, syntax, and punctuation.
  2. Confidence and comfort with writing
    • How to address fears and attitudes that impede their progress;
    • How to access resources outside of class (teacher conferences, Writing Center, tutors, handouts, workshops…);
    • How to respond to and approach a variety of writing assignments (mixture of genres and assessments to enhance versatility).

At the end of the FYE program, students will drop three pieces of writing into their Phase 2 folder on the W: drive:

  1. Cover letter
  2. One paper that includes documentation (this could be a research proposal)
  3. annotated Bibliography