Cover Letter Instructions

The cover letter for the Phase 2 annotated bibliography and your other research writing in the course is an opportunity for you to reflect metacognitively on your research process for this project.  In this letter—which is an integral part of what you will turn in for Phase 2—you will

  1. introduce yourself as a thinker, researcher, and writer
  2. introduce your work—tell your instructors how your pieces evolved.

 Your cover letter should provide perspective to your reader(s) on the following questions:

  • What did you notice about moving from more generative writing in the Pre-fall Seminar to more extensive writing assignments in FYE?
  • How did or didn’t you grow as a writer during the FYE program?
  • How did your understanding of first and second order thinking and the five habits of mind inform your writing experience during FYE?
  • Describe your research process.  Was it planned or intuitive?  Describe the patterns and relationships, if any, that you found among your research sources.
  • What were your assumptions about research when you started the annotated bibliography assignment? What previous research experience did you have? What were your initial thoughts about your topic?
  • How did you integrate research into your paper/project? How did you use research to give more depth and texture to your paper/essay/project? Please discuss one instance where you saw this happening. 

From a technical standpoint, your letter should

  • follow the conventions for business letters—i.e., include a date, a salutation (“Dear [name of your reader(s)]”), a closing, and your signature
  • be single-spaced and double-spaced between paragraph
  • acknowledge your readers at the end.