Annotated Bibliography

 Why an Annotated Bibliography?

  • Serves as a thinking tool in defining a topic and developing a thesis
  • Allows youto develop yourown ideas in conversation with others’ ideas
  • Helps yougain dominion over a topic prior to a paper,  discussion, or project
  • Encourages curiosity and an intuitive search process (not closed-ended)
  • Promotes learning through active and critical reading
  • Helps prevent plagiarism because youmust summarize, synthesize, and restructure the material before presenting it



  • Learn to consider sources in the context of each other and a specific research question
  • Generate accurate citations
  • Become accountable to your readers in a world of information sharing
  • Experience the pace of a college-level research project
  • Be able to organize and keep track of multiple sources and perspectives
  • More easily understand the big picture and recognize patterns
  • Get a reality check: what has been done, and what hasn’t?
  • Experience the freedom to change directions within a topic as your research and thinking develop


Annotated Bibliography Rubric