What do I have to do to complete Phases 5 & 6?

Phases 5 & 6 are completed within your major, instead of via a submission to the Writing Center.  Typically, each department designates specific courses as fulfilling the Phase 5 and Phase 6 (capstone) requirement. 

Click here for List of Phase 5 courses by major.

Click here for List of Phase 6 courses by major.

At some point during your Phase 5 and Phase 6 courses you will submit a paper that will be evaluated by the course instructor in relation to the department’s Phase 5 and 6 requirements.  While your instructor is assessing your paper, you should fill out the "student" section of  a Phase 5 or Phase 6 completion form (click the appropriate phase name in this sentence to download this form, or come into the Writing Center to pick up a paper copy).  Once the instructor feels the paper is a "pass" for the phase, he or she needs to sign this form and forward it to the Writing Center to let us know that you have passed the phase for this major*.  Once the Writing Center receives this form and you have dropped the final version of your paper into the appropriate folder on the W drive, we will enter your completion of the phase on Banner.

*Double or triple majors must pass Phases 5 & 6 separately for each major.

Phases 5 & 6 must be completed by end of day Wednesday of Final Exam week

for the semester in which you plan to graduate.