How do I submit Phase 4?

On or before Submission Day

  1. Bring hard copies of your cover letter, persuasive essay (if you choose this option)*, and major piece(s) to the Writing Center and fill out a submission form.  Incomplete submissions that are missing one or more of these pieces will not be accepted.
  2. Drop an electronic copy of your cover letter, persuasive essay, and major piece(s) into your Phase 4 folder on the W drive

 *If you choose to submit a proctored essay, the Writing Center will print out a hard copy and drag it electronically into your Phase 4 folder for you.

 Note that your phase four portfolio will not be reviewed unless we have writing samples from you for the phase one Writing Seminar (two portfolios)**, from FYE (cover letter, annotated bibliography and writing sample)** and WRP (writing sample only).  If you have not dropped writing samples from these classes into your folder on the W drive, please do so prior to submitting your phase four portfolio.

 **No Writing Seminar or FYE writing sample is required from transfer students who were exempted from either or both of these phases of the Writing Program.