Evaluating Portfolios

Evaluating Phase 4 Portfolios

Each student's portfolio is reviewed by a reader team consisting of two readers from the student's major department (or for double majors one from each major department), plus one reader from the Writing Center.  Once notified by the Writing Center about which portfolios their department needs to read for the current submission period, readers access student portfolio pieces in students' Phase 4 folder on the W drive.

Portfolio Evaluation Process

Accessing portfolio submissions on W drive

  1. Click on My Computer.
  2. Open W: Drive (labeled: writprog on ‘Es-filer-01\writcnt’ (W:))
  3. Find file corresponding to first letter of student’s last name,
  4. Open file labeled with student’s name
  5. Open file labeledPhase 4.
  6. Documents for the current submission period will be immediately visible within the Phase 4 folder.  Do not open files labeled Previous Submission, as they have already been read and evaluated.

Faculty Reader Worksheets

Portfolio reader team may want to use one of the worksheets below in order to note their thoughts and comments as they are reviewing the various portfolio pieces.