FYE Tutors

Tips for getting started with your FYE tutor

Meet with your tutor—this week and every week. Set up a regular meeting.

Give your tutor a copy of your syllabus and any writing assignments as they become available.

Be sure your tutor knows which citation style you’ll be requiring of your students. NoodleBib works with Chicago, MLA, and APA.

If there are any rules, expectations, or traditions required in your course’s discipline, communicate this information to your tutor so he or she can transmit it to or reinforce it for the students (and provide any translation, if necessary).

If you can articulate your specific expectations for student writing in FYE (expectations that may differ from what you expect of sophomores or seniors, or even for what you expect of freshmen later in the quarter), please do so for your tutor and your students. For instance, if organization is your main focus in the first paper or first draft, you can help ensure that your tutors and students focus on this together. If commas are a big deal from the get-go, let that be known. If the students can’t possibly get an “A” without a functional, arguable thesis, make that clear. And so on.

Tutors have created workshops/lessons in the following areas:

  • thesis
  • paragraphs
  • avoiding plagiarism (summary, paraphrase, quote)
  • annotated bibliography (a script and a PowerPoint)
  • integrating quotes
  • NoodleBib

Determine which workshops you’d like your tutor to lead—in class or out of class—and begin scheduling (at least tentatively).

Tell your tutor when you’ll be having research training in the library. If your tutor is available he or she should come to this session. If not, be sure your tutor is familiar with the research guide the librarians prepare.

The Writing Center has budgeted 50 hours maximum per quarter per FYE tutor. Be sure your tutor is keeping track of hours. Note: Each week the tutors will submit a log of hours spent tutoring, prepping, teaching, attending class.

Regular tutors are also available in the library Sunday through Thursday.