Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Explanation/Overview for students

The focus for FYE programs should be on how to write an analytical (not simply descriptive) annotation.  Here are some resources to help introduce students to the annotated bibliography:

  1. Tutor PowerPoint
  2. Library PowerPoint
  3. Tutor handout

Instructors may use the generic assignment and rubric to help students understand how the annotations will be graded. However, many instructors prefer to create tailored assignments and rubrics for their specific program or course.  (Remember to inform the tutor assigned to your program about whether you are using the generic or your own tailored versions.) It's often helpful to show students a sample annotated bibliography of your own.  (Click here for a sample from "The Creative Essay" FYE class).

It's also useful to take class time to practice writing an annotation. One way to do this is to have all the students read the same piece, write an annotation using  the Annotation Worksheet, and then compare using the rubric.  Tutors can be very helpful with this exercise.

  • Each student should write an annotation, and then share either in pairs or groups.
  • Be sure to compare and revise. Let students reflect on what they learned from reading each other's annotations.
  • They could also reflect on how this type of annotation differs from what they have written in high school.