Responding to Portfolios

The process of preparing and responding to each of the portfolios is an integral part of our program. If the Writing Seminar is to succeed, we must think, talk, and act in ways consistent with our goals. Students have gotten used to equating teacher response with identification (and possibly correction) of their every mistake and with a verdict of "good/bad" or "right/wrong," depending on the number and type of error. This often translates into how they label and think of themselves as writers. …

In the past we have seen that while some students flourish with and appreciate more narrative and open responses from their seminar leaders, others are disoriented, confused, or even frustrated when the teachers don't take over their writing and measure it against a graded standard.

While we understand their disorientation and confusion, and we can always improve our abilities to give them feedback they will find useful, we remain committed to holding them responsible for posing meaningful questions to their reader(s), for deciding which direction to take their writing, and for retaining authority and accountability for what they produce.

Remember, our goal is not to help them produce a body of flawless writing during these two weeks, so we should not be editing their work to show them how we would change it for the better. Our goal is to help them see the possibilities, learn strategies, and make choices….READ MORE 


How do I drag and drop portfolio responses on the W: drive?

  1. Click on My Computer.
  2. Open W: Drive (labeled: writprog on ‘Es-filer-01\writcnt’ (W:))
  3. Find file corresponding to first letter of student’s last name,
  4. Open file labeled with student’s name
  5. Open file labeledEvaluation.
  6. In another window, open the folder containing the file(s) you wish to drop.
  7. Making sure that both windows are visible on screen at the same time, Drag and drop”the appropriate document from your file into the student’s Phase 1 folder.