Instructions for Becoming a Club
Student Life

  1. Obtain from Student Life an application for Club/Organization status, which includes a club advisor job description.
  2. Give a copy of the advisor job description to your new club advisor.
  3. Return completed application to Student Life who will send copies to Accounting for the assignment of a club account number. The Student Life secretary will add your club to the official Club/Organization list on-line.
  4. If your club/organization needs any funding for the year, get a “Form for Requesting Funds…” from the Student Funds Administrator or All-Campus Treasurer and give the completed form to the All-Campus Vice President. This will go before the Student Activities Board and the Presidential Board for approval. You will be notified of the decision. (Every Spring Term all clubs must submit a budget for the next school year to the All-Campus Treasurer for consideration by the two Boards. Clubs are notified of the final budget amount approved.) Make sure your club advisor understands the budget process.
  5. Keep Student Life updated with changes to your club/organization status, sponsor, and student contacts. Each term Student Life will email or call all clubs asking for confirmation of club status, advisor and student contact. Any club not responding by the specified date will become inactive and funds will be withheld. If a club is inactive for two terms, that club will be cancelled and will need to reapply for active club status.

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