Design Services


We can produce flyers, signs, labels, table tents, programs, forms, cards, etc. We have a variety of typefaces, clip art & images to help design your project.

A caveat: please plan ahead!  At any given time we may be juggling a couple dozen projects.  Don’t assume yours is an easy, quick one…and don’t wait until the last minute.  Don’t drop by without an appointment and expect us to print your project from your flash drive while you wait. Please call or email well ahead of your deadline.

Submit a Design Project Request (click)

The form may not be a perfect fit for what you would like, so feel free to use the project description and special instruction fields to add additional information.

Color Printing

Our color copier can print from letter-size (8.5 x 11) 13 x 19, on copy weight paper, card stock, or labels. Copiers cannot print to the edge of the paper. You may ask for a trim to be made or design your document accordingly.

Wide Format Printing

We have a new printer that can print large signs, posters, and banners on paper or vinyl. Please contact the graphic designer to discuss your project. 

Concourse Banners
If you plan to have a banner hung in the concourse, please contact the Info Booth to schedule a time, then contact us to produce the banner.


We can scan photos and images, and we can also scan clear, typewritten/word-processed pages that you need formatted back into editable text in your word processing program.


Sending Files

The only files you should send are Adobe PDFs, .AI or .EPS files with vectorized fonts, or packaged InDesign files.  Whether you’re working in Word, InDesign, Illustrator, PowerPoint, on a Mac or a PC…it’s best to send us a PDF file so that there are no problems with fonts, images or layout adjustments. 

If you have any questions (about paper size or type, printing to bleed, etc.), feel free to be in contact. Files less than 10 megabytes (Principia's attachment limit) can be sent as attachments via email.  If your file or files exceed that amount, you can bring them on a flash drive.


Adobe Creative Suite 6: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro
MS Office 2011: Word, Excel, PowerPoint


Business Cards

Please go to the Project Request Site and make sure to fill out the Business Card Info Section.


Copyright Information

For questions regarding copyright issues visit Principia’s Copyright page