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The annex is located in the basement of the School of Government. In the annex are two copiers, a variety of paper sizes and colors (for copier use only), self-serve fax machine, and shredder.

Bindery services

The services we provide are: copying, spiral binding, cutting, hole punching, laminating, and folding. Please note that Prin business takes priority.

Copyright Information

For questions regarding copyright issues visit Principia’s Copyright page.


Fax machines are available for departmental and personal use. If a customer does not have a Prin or other (i.e. AT&T, Sprint) calling card, there is a $1.00 per page charge for domestic faxes (up to $5), and $2.00 per page for international faxes (up to $10).

There is a self-service fax machine available on the bottom floor of the School of Government 24 hours a day.


Inter-office envelopes

We have large I.O. envelopes(12 x 17), Small I.O. envelopes (4.5 x 10.5)

Project planning

Please plan ahead so that we have time to complete your project. Contact the Mail and Copy Manager at 5047, the Print Specialist at 5123, or the Designer at 5121 to find out what kind of timeline we are working with.

Laser Printer and copier toner

We provide all laser printer toners. Since we recycle empty printer cartridges, please bring the empty cartridge and box to us. Order your cartridge through For non-lease machines, it is a good idea to have a backup since we do not keep toners for those machines in stock.

We also provide toner for our lease copiers on campus (no charge), and have extras in stock. Please do not keep extra toners in your offices for these machines. 


Please go to the Project Request Site and make sure to fill out the Business Card Info Section.


Walk-up services

Quick hole-punching, small copy jobs, and cutting projects.