Profits and Apostles

How do you connect the mountaintop and the marketplace? Profits and Apostles explores this question by looking at values and purpose and how they shape our goals in our business life and our spiritual life.  As you think about spiritual and religious issues, what connection do you see between them (the mountaintop) and the activities of commerce (the marketplace)?

New Testament is being taught by Mike Hamilton and explores the texts, traditions, and world view of early Christianity. The New Testament writers interpreted the significance of the life and work of Christ Jesus, and, as they did so, applied the Hebrew Scriptures to new contexts in which their readers and hearers lived. The Roman Empire, its worldly power, technological sophistication, social and gender inequalities, and imperial religion, provided a challenging setting in and around which the followers of Jesus defined God, their teachings, their mission, and themselves. What did it mean to succeed in such an environment? How did the New Testament come into being, and survive the challenges to its authentication of Christ as “the Way, the Truth, and the Life”?

Discovering Business, taught by Dale Matheny, explores the world of business by encouraging students to dig deeper in seeing the world through a business lens by exploring the businesses around them to see how they impact the world in which they operate and how they create and capture profits and value.  The course looks at the environment in which businesses operate and the main components of business: marketing, sales, finance, management, and production through contemporary business literature, in-class projects and a business simulation.

In the Integrated Learning Course you’ll explore the mountaintop and marketplace through topics such as the roots of philanthropy, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and spiritual entrepreneurship.  You’ll get to visit a social business, talk to its founder, and then design your own ideal company.  Who will it benefit?  What will it achieve?  Explore with us these timely topics of conscious business and the New Testament in Profits and Apostles.

GEN 101 PA        Integrated Learning: Profits and Apostles 3SH MWF 9:00-9:50
REL 120  PA        The New Testament (BIBL) 3SH  MWF 8:00-8:50            
BUAD 110 PA      Discovering Business (GESS) 3SH  MWF 10:00-10:50