Love, Action, Consequences and You

“To be, or not to be…” IS that the question? What about “to do or not to do”? This FYE is all about action. We’ll explore why we do what we do. We’ll explore what motivates us to take action in certain situations and what convinces us to not take action in other situations. We’ll explore what all of that means philosophically, ethically, morally, theatrically and see if we can determine if one is truly defined by what one chooses to do or not do.  Using the world’s most debated exploration   of “action vs. inaction” as a cornerstone (Shakespeare’s Hamlet) this FYE will give you the opportunity to think, read, write, and ACT  in a way that will help you better understand the one thing that will be with you throughout your entire college experience: yourself.

FYE COURSES:        

THEA 101: Acting I – John O’Hagan

Acting 101 is a dynamic and “hands-on” introduction to basic acting and improvisational skills and the world of theatre.  Through assigned readings and specific in-class exercises, scene work, discussion and performance we will explore the concepts of ensemble, imagination, concentration, objective and obstacle. We will take at least one field trip to see a professional theatre production.  This class serves as the introductory class to the Theatre Major.

PHIL 150: Introduction to Philosophy – Chris Young

Introduction to Philosophy is a quick look at the broad field of Philosophy. In this class we will explore several themes that run through western thought and analyze how they take shape in our lives. We will focus on ethics, epistemology, and metaphysics. Throughout this investigation we will develop skills in critical thinking, critical reading, and argumentative writing.

GEN 101: DL Integrated Learning

Integrated Learning Course- In this class we will take the content from THEA 101 and PHIL 150 and focus on developing skills essential for success in college academia. This course will provide skill development in academic research, information literacy, time management, and both generative and argumentative writing.

THEA 101      Acting I                                              (GEA) 3SH     MW 12:55-2:10 p.m.
PHIL 150        Introduction to Philosophy                (GEH) 3SH     MWF 9:00-9:50 a.m.
GEN 101 DL  Integrated Learning                                      3SH     MWF 8:00-8:50 a.m.