Knowing and Seeing

Cameras are everywhere! This phenomenon has been referred to as the “democratization of photography.” News events that previously remained hidden to the world are now being recorded and circulated instantly with camera phones. This course is designed to make you more aware of the ubiquitous nature of photography that you encounter each day and to better understand its messages and influences. Besides making awesome photographs for your own book, you will be considering the work of photographers who have contributed much to our understanding of the world. An important goal of this course is for you to demonstrate initiative as a photographer in terms of developing your ideas and telling stories.

MCOM 181 B FYE: Photography Fundamentals – George Cooke

This is a foundation course to learn the craft of digital photography. Students learn how to tell stories visually while developing their photographic skills by learning how to control their cameras and the photographic process. The nature of assignments range from photojournalism to the fine-art type.

GEN 101 (Knowing and Seeing) FYE: Integrated Learning

Each FYE program contains an Integrated Learning Course (ILC) required of all first-time students. The storytelling will continue in the ILC as students explore such components of knowing and seeing as curiosity, perspective, color, light/dark, observation, and reflection in writing. This three-semester-hour course also prepares students to develop learning skills needed for successful completion of college-level academics and lifelong learning. Students will learn strategies for generating and revising good writing, conduct well-documented research, participate in deep class discussions, write both reflectively and analytically, and develop strong critical thinking skills. Topics also include organizational and time management skills, and how to gain the most from your college academic experience.

MCOM 181 B FYE: Photography Fundamentals       (GEA) 3SH  $65.00  TR 12:05-1:20 p.m.
GEN 101 (Knowing and Seeing) FYE: Integrated Learning  3SH              TR 2:55 - 4:10 p.m.