Exploration and Experiment

Exploration and Experiment is a science-focused program intended to prepare you for success in a quantitative field such as chemistry, engineering, or physics. If you are considering a major in one of these subjects, you should definitely take this FYE. There will be math! In order to be successful, you will need to take a college-level calculus course, if you haven’t already had one. We’ve been asked not to mention explosions, medieval siege engines, or giant robots in this blurb. So we won’t. 

CHEM 131 Fundamentals of Chemistry I—Dr. Jeffrey Cornelius

This introductory chemistry course will develop your observation, quantitative, and scientific skills through learning and practicing chemistry. We will do this by researching, problem-solving, and performing experiments in the laboratory. Topics include the structure of atoms, working with conversions and math ratios, models of bonding, and understanding gases, liquids, and solids.

PHYS 201 Physics for Scientists/Engrs I—Dr. Jonathan Langton

This introductory physics course will cover mechanics of single particle systems, including kinematics, force, and conservation laws.

The Integrated Learning Course will focus on the skills and process of conducting scientific research projects.

CHEM 131-EE  Fundamentals of Chemistry I (GESL) 4SH  M W F 3:20–4:10 p.m. R 1:30–4:10 p.m.
PHYS 201-EE  Physics for Scientists/Engrs I (GESL) 4SH  M W F 2:20–3:10 p.m.  T 1:30–2:45 p.m.
GEN 101-EE    Int. Learning: Exploration & Exp          3SH   T R 12:05–1:20 p.m.