Student Schedule - Dining Room

The most current schedule may not be posted here as schedules change and new workers are hired. There is also a copy (SPRING SEMESTER) that a manager on duty will have access to see who works when.

Schedule updates and changes are done with Carol Davidson. If you drop shifts, you are responsible for your shift until Carol Davidson receives notification from you.

If you are adding shifts, you are responsible for the shifts as soon as you sign up.

Documents take time to open. Hit okay or yes to messages that open for you to be able to view the word document or excel spreadsheet.

All student employees are expected to start work on the first Saturday the Semester starts and work throughThursday breakfast after the last final exam (5/6/15). For the next semester, all student employees are expected to start work on the first Saturday (8/24/15) before Fall '15 semester starts and work through  breakfast, (the day after finals) unless you have posted a sub slip in advance and have followed the sub procedure.

Check the posted schedule online and at Dining Services. If you need to make any changes to your schedule, see Carol Davidson before you will be excused from your shifts. Otherwise, you will be expected to be at your shifts and held responsible for any missed shifts. If she is not available, give your green slip to another manager to give to her. You have the first week of school to change your schedule around.


Please get your schedule(s) to Carol Davidson ASAP.

Thank you.