A la Carte

Our A la Carte menu is provided to allow for your less extravagant event.

Fruit tray
Vegetable trays
Specialty Vegetable tray
Meat tray
Cheese tray
Specialty Cheese tray
Tossed salad

Gourmet cookie tray
Fancy cookie tray
Plain cookie tray

*Cookie minimum of 2 dozen.

2 1/2 or 5 gallons of juice, milk, coffee, tea or hot chocolate (drink dispenser included)
Whole fruit
Canned beverages
Bagged chips/sun chips/pretzels/corn chips
Tray of fancy dessert bars (minimum of 30 bars)
Tray of brownies (minimum of 2 dozen)
Pizza - cheese
Pizza - assorted toppings
Ice cream (3 gallons)

Any Paper Goods:
6" plastic plate
7 oz plastic cup
10 oz plastic cup
cocktail napkin
dinner napkin
individual plastic serving trays
paper plate/bowl