Dining Services

Our Mission

To meet the dining, entertaining, and educational needs of The Principia by providing convenient, consistent, quality products and service in support of the purpose and policies of The Principia.


Entertainment of Students

Educational Field Trip Reimbursements


Our Vision

  • To be the best example for work and life: Ten Commandments, Golden Rule, Sermon on the Mount, Life, Truth, Love, and Principle..
  • To support "rising higher" with spiritually based character education at Principia with emphasis on character unfoldment, the student learning experience, and the whole man concept
  • To be the absolute best dining services operation that we can be.
  • To be a completely happy, harmonious management and staff team.
  • To always listen and repsond to our customers and employees with compassion and empathy in a timely manner.
  • To create a fun and supportive atmosphere at work where people want to be.
  • To train and develop our dining services team in support and preparation of growth and progress.
  • For all of our employees and customers to know that (we care) they are cared for.
  • To always take pride in all of our products and services.
  • To provide the best tasting and best looking food possible for the budgeted funds.
  • To offer a sufficient variety to please all of our customers.
  • To be current or even on the cutting edge with our innovations of products and services.
  • To maintain a clean, neat, sanitary organized operation with a professional image.
  • To operate a cost effective operation that meets the budget needs of Principia.
  • To always invite/encourage change for the sake of progress.
  • To entertain our customers.
  • To grow in our educational programs, offerings and internship.
  • To Love our neighbor AS OURSELVES.

Whether in the Pub or the Dining Room, sharing a meal with friends makes delicious food taste even better.