Curriculum Committee

Mission Statement

The Principia College Curriculum Committee mission is to provide leadership, guidance, and oversight of the academic curriculum based on the purpose and policies of The Principia and best practices of higher education.

Ethics Statement

The College Curriculum Committee (CCC) seeks to ensure both the quality and the integrity of the curriculum in an objective and equitable manner, respecting the process and all stakeholders involved.

The role of the CCC unit representative is to preserve and enhance the quality of our curriculum by:

  • developing an understanding of college curriculum theory and development
  • shepherding faculty members through the proposal process, which includes helping units understand the policies and rules of the catalog and the process of submitting proposals in a timely and accurate fashion.
  • supporting academic freedom by mediating among stakeholders to develop proposals and programs which best meet their needs while upholding the standards of the curriculum and the purpose and policies of The Principia.
  • bringing balance to CCC discussions by providing disciplinary expertise.

Decisions regarding proposals are informed by asking the following key questions:

  • What does the department hope to accomplish?
  • Does the proposal accomplish the department’s desired objectives?
  • Is the proposal consistent with the policies and rules of the catalog, as well as the purposes and policies of Principia?
  • Is the proposal in keeping with the best practices within the larger academic community? If not, what are the reasons that justify the difference?

Curriculum Development Process

Curriculum Development Process Diagram

Forms and Contact Information

The necessary forms for faculty to propose, drop, or make changes to majors, minors, and courses are below. Please refer to the “Process for Electronic Submission” document for instructions. If you have questions after reading the process document, contact the Curriculum Committee Representative for your unit:

Athletics: Carl Erikson
CAC: Margaret D’Evelyn
HUM: Dinah Ryan
Library: Edith List
MNS: Greg Bruland
SSCI: Tom Davidson
Committee Chairperson: Heidi Snow