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These course syllabi provide details such as course descriptions, outcomes, assignments, grading and homework policies, and required textbooks. The college catalog on the Registrar’s webpage has official brief descriptions of each course. Please click on any link to see the syllabus for that course.

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ARTH 101 Introduction to Western Art 1400 to Present
ARTH 200 Ancient Art
ARTH 203 Medieval Art
ARTH 332 Advanced Studies Medieval and Renaissance
ARTS 102 Visual Fundamentals
ARTS 103 Three-Dimensional Design
ARTS 150 Drawing 1
ARTS 170 Graphic Design I
ARTS 175 Print Design
ARTS 210 Oil Painting
ARTS 230 Color Studies
ARTS 270 Graphic Design II
ARTS 302 Figure Studies
ARTS 495 Portfolio Seminar
BNR 050 Service Learning
BNR 190 Global Enviornment Issues
BNR 230 Orinthology
BNR 264 Sugarbush Management
BNR 317 Wetland Ecology
BNR 391 Soil and Water Conservation
BNR 400 Senior Thesis Seminar
BNR 401 A-H Senior Thesis
BNR 401 B Senior Thesis
BNR 401 I-L Senior Thesis
BNR 401 M-P Senior Thesis
BNR 401 Senior Thesis
BNR Bio Block
BUAD 215 Intro to Mgmt Info Systems
BUAD 251 Financial Accounting
BUAD 252 Managerial Accounting
BUAD 255 Integrated Principles of Business
BUAD 261 Business Analytics
BUAD 310 Investments
BUAD 360 Managerial Finance
BUAD 430 A Strategic Management
BUAD 430 B Strategic Management
CHEM 114 Chemistry of Art Objects Media
CHEM 132 Fundamentals of Chemistry II
CHEM 313 Physical Chemistry II Quantum Chemistry
CHEM 321 Applied Spectroscopy
CHEM 441 Senior Research Project
CSCI 171 Introduction to Programming
CSCI 181 Accelerated Intro Programming
CSCI 182 Introduction to Data Structures
CSCI 240 Object Oriented Programming
CSCI 263 Computer Software Architecture
CSCI 310 Software Engineering
CSCI 380 Compilers
CSCI 410 Capstone Proposal
CSCI 421 Computer Issues Seminar
DANC 043 Ballet I
DANC 045 Ballet III
DANC 081 Modern Dance II
DANC 083 Dance as Movement
DANC 370 Dance Practicum-Cast
DANC 371 Dance Practicum-Staff
ECON 203 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 204 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 271 Environmental Economics
EDUC 101 Pathways to Success
EDUC 120 Signs of the Times 21st Century Learning
EDUC 130 Outdoor Education
EDUC 170 Environmental Education
EDUC 218 Education in America
EDUC 260 A Communication
EDUC 260 B Communication
EDUC 260 C Communication
EDUC 285 Foundations in Experiential Education
EDUC 287 A Character Education
EDUC 287 B Character Education
EDUC 388 Philosophy of Education
EDUC 420 A Capstone in Education
EDUC 420 B Capstone in Education
EDUC 420 Capstone
ENGL 150 Introduction to English major
ENGL 204 Understanding Short Fiction
ENGL 232 The Gothic Novel
ENGL 237 Creative Expression and Faith
ENGL 240 Poetry Writing I
ENGL 262 Postcolonial Literature
ENGL 266 African American Literature
ENGL 283 Romantic Literature
ENGL 284 Victorian Literature
ENGL 293 Literary Editing Practicum
ENGL 320 History of the British Novel
ENGL 351 Advanced Creative Writing Seminar
ENGL 388 Literature and Critical Theory
ENGL 400 Capston English
ENGL 400 Capstone in Literature
ENGL 401 A Capstone in Creative Writing
ENGL 401 B Capstone in Creative Writing
ENGR 280 Solar Car
FREN 104 Elementary French I
FREN 105 Elementary French II
FREN 205 Intermediate French II
FREN 210 Intermediate Writing Review
GEOL 225 Environmental Geology
GEOL 230 Nonrenewable Resources
GEOL 242 Historical Geology
GEOL 280 Geology of the SW Field Trip
GEOL 301 Environmental Mapping and GIS
GLBL 226 Global Studies II
GLBL 270 World Focus Seminar
HIST 160 US in the 20th Century
HIST 227 Women in American History
HIST 235 African American History
HIST 265 20th Century Europe
HIST 270 History Focus Seminar
HIST 290 World History
HIST 297 Historical Thinking and Research
HIST 310 The Cold War
HIST 382 Modern China
HIST 498 Capstone Research and Writing
LANG 100 A Elementary Language Chinese
LANG 100 B Elementary Language Hindi
LANG 100 C Elementary Language Portuguese
LANG 100 D Elementary Language Russian
LANG 100 E Elementary Language Russian
MATH 099 A Basic Math Tutorial
MATH 099 B Basic Math Tutorial
MATH 110 Mathematical Applications
MATH 140 Trigonometry
MATH 164 Introduction to Statistics
MATH 181 Calculus I
MATH 182 Calculus II
MATH 211 History of Mathematics
MATH 273 Linear Algebra
MATH 364 Mathematical Statistics
MATH 374 Algebraic Structures
MATH 380 Different Equations
MCOM 028 Newspaper Production
MCOM 052 Radio on Air
MCOM 110 Intro to Mass Communication
MCOM 140 Public Speaking
MCOM 210 Media Reporting and Writing
MCOM 228 A-B Newspaper Practicum
MCOM 251 Radio Broadcasting
MCOM 263 Public Relations
MCOM 283 Yearbook Editing
MCOM 284 Photography Practicum
MCOM 301 Mass Media in Society
MCOM 322 Advanced Reporting and Writing
MCOM 339 Multi-platform Storytelling
MCOM 392 Documentary Video
MCOM 411 Advanced Topics in Communication
MUS 061 261 College Orchestra
MUS 065 Jazz Ensemble
MUS 080 Student Recital
MUS 100 Introduction to the Art of Western Music
MUS 120 130 Applied Instrumental Lessons
MUS 165 Jazz Ensemble
MUS 170 Music Theory I
MUS 206 Student Recital
MUS 250 050 College Choir
MUS 271 071 Chamber Music
MUS 303 Junior Recital
MUS 401 SR Project Composition
MUS 402 SR Project Research
MUS 404 SR Project Analysis
PE 016 Ultimate Frisbee
PE 035 Circuit Training
PE 057 Fitness in Swimming
PE 065 Beginning Swimming
PE 300 PE 061 Lifeguard Training & Emergency Water Safety
PHIL 120 Critical Thinking
PHIL 220 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 252 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 265 Business Ethics
PHYS 121 Life in the Universe
PHYS 199 Physics for World Leaders
PHYS 202 Physics for Scientists and Engineers II
PHYS 204 Physics for Scientists and Engineers IV
PHYS 301 Classical Mechanics
PHYS 306 Quantum Mechanics II
PHYS 401 A-C Independent Physics Research
PHYS 401 D-F Independent Physics Research
POLS 020 Model Illinois Government
POLS 021 Moot Court
POLS 052 Model UN
POLS 120 American Government and Politics
POLS 125 Moost Court Reason and Argument
POLS 152 Politics Among Nations
POLS 215 Social Science Research Methods
POLS 252 American Foreign Policy
POLS 264 Russia and the FSU
POLS 280 Classics of Political Thought
POLS 325 Legal Process
POLS 348 US and Global Security
PVAR 022 Tennis
PVAR 073 Rugby
PVAR 089 Mens Varsity Basketball
PVAR 093 Tennis
PVAR 096 Varsity Softball
REL 110 A The Old Testament
REL 110 B The Old Testament
REL 120 A-B The New Testament
REL 218 Wisdom Literature and Psalms
REL 231 History of Christianity
REL 260 Religion in America
REL 261 Living Religions of the East
REL 310 B History of the Christian Science Movement
REL 332 The Life of Mary Baker Eddy
SCI 360 Current Science Literature
SOAN 050 D Community Service Argentina
SOAN 050 G Community Service Pets on Wheels
SOAN 050 H I J Community Service Oasis Womans Shelter
SOAN 050 T U V Community Service Middle School Tutoring
SOAN 130 Intro to Archaeology
SOAN 160 Race and Ethnicity
SOAN 180 Social Stratification
SOAN 215 Social Science Research Methods
SOAN 235 Environmental and Social Change
SOAN 240 Native American Cultures
SOAN 250 African American Cultural History
SOAN 290 African Cultures
SOAN 340 Peace and Conflict
SOAN 385 Ethnographic Research
SOAN 400 Senior Capstone Seminar
SPAN 100 Introduction to Spanish
SPAN 105 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 136 Language Workshop Abroad Elementary
SPAN 205 Intermediate Review
SPAN 220 Hispanic Civilization Argentina
SPAN 236 Language Workshop Abroad Intermediate
SPAN 260 Introduction to Hispanic Literature
SPAN 315 Advanced Grammar and Composition
SPST 101 A-B You Your Major Your Career
SPST 280 Orientation Seminar Argentina
SPST 281 A Reentry Seminar England
SPST 281 B Reentry Seminar Dominca
SPST 285 Country Studies Argentina
SPST 301 Investigating Career Options
SUS 151 Introdcution to Sustainability
SUS 401 Sustainability Project
THEA 051 351 Theatre Practicum-Cast
THEA 053 353 Theatre Practicum Staff
THEA 101 Acting I
THEA 102 Oral Interpretation
THEA 120 Intro to Technical Theatre
THEA 210 Dramatic Literature
THEA 225 Voice and Speech
THEA 230 Theatre Movement
THEA 237 Creative Expression and Faith
THEA 260 Stage Combat
THEA 301 Acting III
THEA 354 ABC Production Crew Mainstage
THEA 354 DEF Mainstage Crew Costume
THEA 420 Directing
WRIT 120 Reading Words and the World
WRIT 152 Revising and Editing
WRIT 350 Teaching the Writing Process

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