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These course syllabi provide details such as course descriptions, outcomes, assignments, grading and homework policies, and required textbooks. The college catalog on the Registrar’s webpage has official brief descriptions of each course. Please click on any link to see the syllabus for that course.

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ARTH 101 Intro to Western Art 1400-Present
ARTH 110 Survey Asia Africa Americas
ARTH 235 19th Century European Art
ARTH 258 Art in the USA
ARTS 102 Visual Fundamentals
ARTS 103 Three Dimensional Design
ARTS 150 Drawing I
ARTS 170 Graphic Design I
ARTS 220 Watercolor
ARTS 230 Color Studies
ARTS 285 Illustration
ARTS 290 Web Design
ARTS 330 Seminar Professional Arts Practice
ARTS 360 Figurative Painting
ARTS 404 Advanced Series Explorations in Mixed Media
ARTS 496 Writing Capstone
BNR 050 BNR Service Learning
BNR 120 Plants and Society
BNR 161 Field and Natural History
BNR 232 Wildlife Conservation
BNR 255 Natural Resources Management
BNR 312 Grassland Ecology
BNR 313 Forest Ecology
BNR 380 Advanced Ecology Seminar
BNR 400 Capstone Seminar
BNR 401 Senior Project Capstone
BUAD 251 Financial Accounting
BUAD 252 Managerial Accounting
BUAD 255 Integrated Principles of Business
BUAD 261 Business Analytics
BUAD 270 Business Society and Sustainability
BUAD 320 Marketing
BUAD 330 Management
BUAD 350 Business Law
BUAD 360 Managerial Finance
CHEM 111 Environmental Chemistry
CHEM 133 Fundamentals of Chemistry II
CHEM 311 Phys Chem I Thermodynamics
CHEM 441 Senior Research Project
CSCI 201 Programming Strategies
CSCI 220 Programming Languages
CSCI 320 Database Management Systems
CSCI 330 Operating Systems
DANC 044 Ballet II
DANC 080 Modern Dance I
DANC 250 Dance History
DANC 330 Dance Composistion
ECON 203 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 204 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 316 Economic Development
EDUC 100 490 491 492 Student Teaching Seminar
EDUC 140 Writing for College Students
EDUC 222 223 253 251 325 420 Ed Block
EDUC 260 Communication
EDUC 278 Child and Adolescent Literature.
EDUC 287 Character Education
ENGL 202 Understanding Poetry
ENGL 241 Fiction Writing I
ENGL 242 Theory as Practice
ENGL 257 US Literature 1860-1940
ENGL 262 Postcolonial Literature
ENGL 278 Shakespeare in England
ENGL 286 History of English Drama
ENGL 290 Poetry Writing II
ENGL 315 Shakespeare II
ENGL 330 Single Author Vonnegut
ENGL 353 Literary Editing
ENGR 262 Computer Hardware Architecture
ENGR 280 Solar Car
FREN 104 Elementary French I
FREN 204 Intermediate French I
FREN 260 Reading French Through Time
FREN 300 Love Reason and Monarchy
GEOL 242 Historical Geology
GLBL 225 Global Studies I
GLBL 270 World Focus Seminar
GLBL 497 Research Methods
HIST 222 Latin American History
HIST 270 History Focus Seminar
HIST 283 Japan
HIST 363 Conflict in America The 1960s
HIST 497 Research Methods
MATH 099A Basic Math Tutorial
MATH 099B Basic Math Tutorial
MATH 110 Mathematical Applications
MATH 141 College Algebra
MATH 143 Precalculus
MATH 181 Calculus I
MATH 182 Calculus II
MATH 220 Mathematical Proofs
MATH 261 Discrete Math
MATH 283 Multivariable Calculus
MATH 355 Applied Advanced Calculus
MATH 415 Senior Capstone
MCOM 028 Newspaper Production
MCOM 042 Television Production
MCOM 052 Radio on Air
MCOM 110 Intro to Mass Communication
MCOM 140 Public Speaking
MCOM 181 Photography Fundimentals
MCOM 210 Media Reporting and Writing
MCOM 228 Newspaper Practicum
MCOM 251 Radio Broadcasting
MCOM 263 Public Relations
MCOM 283 Yearbook Editing
MCOM 284 Photography Practicum
MCOM 292 Video Production
MCOM 301 Mass Media in Society
MCOM 302 Media Law and Ethics
MCOM 339 Multi Platform Storytelling
MCOM 411 Adv Topics in Communication
MUS 040 044 120 130 Applied Instrumental Lessons
MUS 050 250 College Choir
MUS 061 261 College Orchestra
MUS 065 Jazz Ensemble
MUS 071 271 Chamber Music
MUS 100 Introduction to the Art of Western Music
MUS 139 Fundamentals Beginning
MUS 140 Music Advanced Fundamentals
MUS 165 Jazz Ensemble
MUS 206 Student Recitals
MUS 207 Popular Music in America
MUS 225 Music Composition
MUS 235 Advanced Recording
MUS 265 Musicianship II
MUS 275 Music Theory II
MUS 303 Junior Recital
MUS 401 Senior Project Composition
MUS 402 Senior Project Music Research
MUS 403 Senior Project Advanced Performance
MUS 404 Senior Project Analysis
MUS 405 Senior Project Research & Performance
MUS 407 Recital Program Notes
PE 015 Foil Fencing
PE 016 Ultimate Frisbee
PE 022 Tennis
PE 030 Squash
PE 031 Racquetball
PE 035 Circuit Training
PE 037 Fitness Exploration
PE 051 Soccer
PE 057 Fitness in Swimming
PE 073 Rugby
PHIL 120 Critical Thinking
PHIL 230 Philosophic Classics
PHIL 421 Seminar in Philosophy
PHYS 151 Descriptive Astronomy
PHYS 203 Physics For Scientists & Engineers III
PHYS 305 Quantum Mechanics I
PHYS 352 Computational Physics
PHYS 401 Research
POLS 152 Politics Among Nations
POLS 220 American Parties and Elections
POLS 240 Women in Politics
POLS 265 Contemporary Issues MIddle Eastern Politics
POLS 332 Presidential Leadership
POLS 354 Globalization Theory and Practice
REL 110A The Old Testament
REL 110B The Old Testament
REL 120AB The New Testament
REL 225 The Bible and Comparative Ethics
REL 227 Paul the Apostle
REL 230 Faith and Film
REL 300 Biblical Interpretation
REL 310 Religion of Islam
REL 332 The Life of Mary Baker Eddy
SCI 360 Current Science Literature
SOAN 050 B Archaeology
SOAN 050 C Pere Marquette
SOAN 050 D Beverly Farm
SOAN 050 E Pets On Wheels
SOAN 050 F Oasis Women Shelter
SOAN 050 G MS Tutoring Mentoring
SOAN 100 Intro to Global Sociology
SOAN 110 Introduction to the SOAN Major
SOAN 130 Introduction to Archaeology
SOAN 160 Race and Ethnicity
SOAN 170 Gender Paradigms
SOAN 244 International Human Rights Law and Advocacy
SOAN 245 Culture-Prehistoric Religion
SOAN 251 Anthropology of India
SOAN 300 Social Theory
SOAN 365 Global Perspectives of Women
SOAN 399 Capstone Proposal
SPAN 100 Introduction to Spanish
SPAN 104 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 105 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 204 Grammar and Conversation
SPAN 216 Oral Expression and Conversation
SPAN 230 and SPAN 330 ONLINE Hispanic Culture
SPAN 330 ONLINE Hispanic Culture Additional Readings
SPST 285 Cultural Studies England
SPST 301 Investigating Career Options
SUS 401 Sustainability Project
THEA 140 Stagecraft
THEA 201 Acting II
THEA 325 Voice for the Actor
THEA 351 Theatre Practicum Cast
THEA 353 Theatre Practicum Staff
THEA 354 Theatre Practicum Costume Crew
THEA 360 Acting Shakespeare
WRIT 120 Reading Words and the World
WRIT 158A Reading and Writing Inquiry
WRIT 230 Analytical Reading

First Year Experience Courses

ARTH 132 FYE Does Art Reflect Life
CHEM 131 FYE Fundamentals of Chemistry I
CSCI 171 FYE Intro to Programming
GEN 101 AL Does Art Reflect Life
GEN 101 EE Exploration and Experiment
GEN 101 KS Knowing and Seeing
GEN 101 LA Love Action Consequences and You
GEN 101 MB Myth Busters
GEN 101 MM Math and Music
GEN 101 SC Silicon Connection
GEN 101 WB What the Bleep
GEN 101 WW World War I
GEOL 111 FYE Introductory Geology
HIST 111 FYE World War I
MATH 111 FYE A Survey of Mathematics
MCOM 181 FYE Photography Fundamentals
PHIL 150 FYE Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 170 FYE Film and Philosophy
PHIL 220 FYE Introduction to Ethics
PHYS 201 FYE Physics for Scientists and Engineers I
POLS 120 FYE American Government & Politics
SOAN 180 FYE Myth Busters
THEA 101 FYE Acting I

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