Computer Purchases

Student Purchase Plans

Principia is grateful to offer special purchase plans in conjunction with Apple and Dell. Discounts with Apple are variable, while discounts with Dell are 7% off select models. Find information here for Apple and Dell purchases.

Computer Recomendations

For those who bring a new or used computer to campus, we recommend the following types and configurations. Approximately 40%-50% of our students bring Apple computers, but both Apple Mac and Windows PC computers work well in our environment.

  Apple Mac  Windows PC
Minimum Operating System OS 10.11 or Above Windows 10

Productivity Software

Microsoft Office 2016 - Available for free to all students through Office365

Microsoft Office 2016 - Available for free to all students through Office365

Anti-Virus software*
  • Other preferred A/V product acceptable with current subscription
  • Other preferred A/V product acceptable with current subscription
Minimum Update Service* Apple Software updates Microsoft Update for Critical Security Patches

*Any individual operating a computer that does not comply with these requirements is subject to both regulatory fines and fees for damages.