The College provides free Wi-Fi networking in all dorms, classroom and athletic buildings, and such general spaces as Marshall Brooks Library, Howard Center, and Cox Cottage.

Although many of our students use Wi-Fi exclusively for connectivity, every dorm room has at least one wired Ethernet port. On request, the College will supply one wired Ethernet port for each bed in a dorm room.

Personal Network Restrictions

The following types of personally owned devices are prohibited on Principia's network:

  • Wireless Access Points
  • Wireless and Wired Routers (including Apple Airport Base Stations and variant products)
  • Any device that is configured to offer DHCP services

The consumer versions of those products are built for ease of set-up at home, but provide features that can interfere with the College network, impacting both the individual user and his or her neighbors.

Any individual operating such a personal network device is subject to both regulatory fines and fees for damages.