Having a Car on Campus

Principia College Approved Driver Application


It is understood that:

  1. Permission to drive motor vehicles on campus is conditional based upon compliance with all state and local traffic regulations as well as Principia policies.
  2. Permission to bring motor vehicles on Principia property is subject to the condition that Principia is not responsible for the care or protection of any motor vehicle or its contents at any time.
  3. The Campus Security Department shall have general jurisdiction over matters relating to parking and traffic, including the establishment of fees, authorization of traffic and parking signage, and designation of parking areas.


A) Who:

  1. All faculty, staff, and service workers must register each vehicle driven on campus within one week of employment or new ownership of a vehicle. The registration is valid on the vehicle as long as the decal is intact, readable, and the owner is employed by Principia.
  2. All students must register a vehicle within one week of the first time the vehicle is brought to campus. Student decals are issued for one academic year only. They will be valid from August 1 through July 31 each year. Yearly registration or re-registration is required for all student vehicles.
  3. Previously registered vehicles that get new windshields or display decals that are no longer readable must be reregistered.

B) Requirements to register:

  1. Valid drivers license.
  2. Proof of current insurance on the vehicle registered.
  3. A $100.00 fee for all students, to cover registration for one full academic year, starting August 1 through the following July 31. Damaged decals will be replaced for $10.
  4. A $10 fee for all faculty, staff, and service worker decals. Decals will be valid for one full academic year, starting August 1 through July 31 or until the individual ends his or her employment.

C) Decal - proof of registration:

  1. Affix decal to outside, lower left corner of windshield. Decals must be permanently affixed. They may not be taped to the windshield or lie on the dash.
  2. Decals must be removed when a vehicle is sold or the owner no longer is a Principia student or employee.
  3. Damaged and un-readable decals must be replaced immediately at a cost of $10.
  4. Providing false information when applying for a decal may subject the registrant to disciplinary action.


A) Operators of motor vehicles are required to obey Principia vehicle regulations as well as all state and local vehicle codes.

B) Cell Phones/Texting:

Cell Phones: Drivers cannot use an electronic communication device (a hand-held cell phone) make or receive calls while driving a motor vehicle.

Texting: A person may not operate a motor vehicle on a roadway while using an electronic communication device to compose, send, or read an electronic message. An electronic message refers to electronic mail, a text message, an instant message, or a command to request access to an internet site.

Exceptions: There are exceptions for drivers texting or using a cell phone: (1) for the sole purpose of reporting an emergency situation and continued communication with emergency personnel during the emergency situation; (2) using a device in hands-free or voice-activated mode; (3) if the driver is parked on the shoulder of a roadway; or (4) when the vehicle is stopped due to normal traffic being obstructed and the driver has the motor vehicle transmission in neutral or park.

These laws will be enforced on Principia College property on all cars, trucks, and Principia-owned vehicles without hands-free equipment and vehicles over 15,000 GVW where no use is allowed at any time. Texting and/or calling without using hands-free technology are both classified as moving violations and carry a fine. Note: Operators of Campus Security, Facilities and Christian Science Nurse vehicles may, in the performance of their duties, be exempt from certain campus regulations.

C) The individual who registers a vehicle is responsible for any non-moving violation involving their vehicle. Moving violations are the responsibility of the operator. In the event the operator cannot be identified, the individual who registered the vehicle will be held responsible.

D) Vehicle accidents occurring on Principia property must be reported immediately to Campus Security by the owner or operator of the vehicles involved.


A) The Campus Security Department assigns all parking spaces.

B) All signage will be enforced year round, irrespective of academic breaks.

C) Parking must not impede movement of any vehicular traffic.

D) Temporary loading or unloading on the side of a road or in a service drive is permissible ONLY if flashers are on and for not more than 30 minutes.

E) Sidewalks must remain accessible. Full or partial blockage of them is not permitted.

F) Parking is not permitted on grass or patios.

G) Vehicles owned by students with temporary gate passes must park in student parking lots only.

H) If a car is disabled in a no parking area, Campus Security (ext. 5111) should be notified so the owner isn't ticketed.

I) Resident Counselors who loan their reserved parking spot to someone are responsible for notifying Campus Security.

J) Handicapped spaces are for vehicles displaying a legal permit, or those with a special need who have obtained permission through the Campus Security office. The fine is $50.00.


A) Pedestrians have the right of way on all pathways. Operators of bicycles, non-motorized scooters, skateboards, and golf carts must yield.

B) The principia College Campus is a "Walking Campus" and all consideration and patience will be given to pedestrians on the roadways, lots, and walkways though motorized vehicles do have the right of way on campus roadways. All others must yield.

C) When necessary, all vehicles and pedestrians must yield to Campus Security vehicles, and/or other emergency vehicles.


A) Unauthorized or improper parking in a lot, space, roadway or service drive.

B) Violating campus speed limits, traffic signs or other traffic regulations.

C) Reckless operation of vehicle, including but not limited to:

  1. driving on pathways, lawns, campus grounds or off-road
  2. burning or laying rubber;
  3. passing a moving vehicle on campus;
  4. exhibition driving (eg...one wheel operation of a motorcycle);
  5. driving a vehicle with passengers in the truck bed or through open sunroof;
  6. allowing a person to hang on the exterior of a moving vehicle
  7. passing stopped school bus with red lights flashing.

D) Leaving the scene of an accident (even if a "fender bender") without reporting it.

E) Unnecessary disturbances resulting from starting, stopping or racing engines, loud mufflers, horns.

F) Storing or operating an unlicensed and/or uninsured motor vehicle on college property.

G) Operating and/or parking a vehicle without a current and properly affixed decal.

H) Excessive speed for the road or weather conditions.

I) Disregarding verbal instructions from Campus Security personnel.


A) Campus Security may remove, impound or immobilize a vehicle if:

  1. it is left abandoned at the end of an academic terms or after any two week period;
  2. it is found without a Principia registration or temporary guest pass;
  3. it is parked or operated in violation of state or local regulations;
  4. it is parked so as to constitute a safety hazard, or impedes the operation of emergency equipment.
  5. the owner or driver disregards parking regulations
  6. the owner or driver is involved in a single moving violation that is sufficiently reckless.

B) The owner of such a vehicle is responsible for all costs incurred in removing, impounding or storing the vehicle. Precaution will be taken to insure vehicles are not damaged. Vehicles towed off campus will be towed to a secure holding pen when possible. Campus Security and Principia are not responsible for any damage that may occur to the vehicle before, during, or after impoundment.

C) Campus Security may suspend owner's campus vehicle access when a certain number of tickets have been issued for one academic term as follows:

  1. four overall citations (not more than one moving citation), or;
  2. three moving citations, or;
  3. one moving citation that is sufficiently reckless (see VI.D), or;
  4. it is recommended by a Dean or Director

D) Campus Security, in conjunction with a Dean or Director, may suspend the privilege of campus access to guests or other local individuals who are in violation of these policies and/or refuse to pay their fines.

E) Verbal abuse of Campus Security employees will be referred to the appropriate Dean or Director for discipline.


A) Fines:

  1. Parking/no registration: $10.00
  2. Moving $25.00 regular and $35.00 for multiple or extreme
  3. Littering $25.00 each occurrence
  4. Handicap $50.00
  5. Resident Counselor Spot $50.00
  6. Bicycle theft $50-$100.00. (prosecutable offense)

B) Fines may be paid in person, mailed to the Campus Security Department, or through Marketplace.

C) All appeals of traffic fines or citations are to be made in writing to the Campus Security Department within one week of issuance of the violation.

D) Speed limits:

  1. 15 miles per hour in residential and academic areas and where students are present on the play fields or near the roadway.
  2. 25 miles per hour outside those areas.
  3. 20 miles per hour where posted.


A) Motorcycles, scooters and mopeds may not be driven on any of the Campus pathways.


A) All bicycles must be registered with the Campus Security Department.

B) Bicycles stored inside any building without authorization will be impounded.

C) Any bicycle without a registration decal will be impounded with a $10.00 charge to the owner.

See the Bicycle Guidelines section for more details.


A) All motor vehicles left over breaks must be parked in Loop Plant parking lot and the keys must be left with Campus Security.

B) Contact Campus Security for bicycle storage options.

B) ALL STORAGE SHOULD BE CONSIDERED TEMPORARY. Motor vehicles and bicycles will be considered abadoned and become property of The Principia if left in storage for more than two academic terms. When possible, Campus Security will attempt to contact the owner before disposal of a stored item. If storage is needed for more than two quarters Campus Security must be contacted.

C) Principia College, as represented by the Campus Security Office, is not responsible for the condition of bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters in violation of these regulations and impounded. Every effort will be made to insure the impounded item is reasonably handled.

D) Impoundment occurs due to the violation of a stated policy and is the result of actions of the owner.

E) Campus Security may impound items from all areas of Principia property, including, but not limited to closets, trunk rooms, and other areas.