Fleet Driver Policy

I. Purpose

Consistent with the Principia Strategic Plan for Safety, the purpose of this policy is to outline the conditions under which authorization to drive Principia-owned vehicles is obtained and maintained in a way that promotes safety, minimizes insurance costs and meets the transportation needs of Principia.

II. Scope

This policy includes all drivers of Principia-owned or rented/leased vehicles.

III. Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the Director of Safety Operations to carry out the provisions of this policy.

IV. Policy

A. Driving Principia-owned vehicles is a privilege not a right. To be eligible to drive Principia-owned or rented/leased vehicles on or off campus, all faculty, contract staff, hourly-paid employees and students must be approved drivers.

B. The approval process includes the following requirements:

1. Application: An application filed with Campus Security  (Principia College Approved Driver Application)

2. License: Possession of an appropriate driver's license:

A. Illinois class D license or its equivalent from another American state for a period of at least 2 years, valid for vehicles with capacities of up to 15 persons. International license possession alone is not sufficient to satisfy this requirement or,

B. Illinois CDL: (Commercial driver's license) or its equivalent from another American state, valid for vehicles with capacities in excess of 15 persons or weighing more than 16,000 lbs., with appropriate endorsements.

3. Experience: At least two years driving experience with a valid United States driver's license.

4. Motor Vehicle Report: A safe driving record as determined by the Director of Safety Operations for the previous 36 months.  Each approved driver or applicant will authorize Principia to obtain a Motor Vehicle Report [MVR] and any subsequent MVR reports as deemed necessary.  Please note that it is also the responsibility of an approved driver to self-disclose to the Campus Security Office any and all tickets, accidents and license restrictions.

5. Defensive DrivingTest: Pass a written test. 

1. Pass a defensive driving course provided by our current insurance carrier.

a. Log onto http://www.phly.com

b. Enter username: principiacollege   Password: 1College     (all case-sensitive)

c. Click Loss Control, then Training, then Online Interactive Defensive Driving Training

d. Watch the Defensive Driver video.

e. Take the test at the end of the video.

f.  Upon successful completion of the test, print the certificate.

2. Bring the completed Approved Driver Application from IV B #1 and the test result to Campus Security.

6. Road Test: pass a department administered driving test for all faculty, staff and students who will be 7-15 passenger bus and van drivers..

C. Driver approval is valid as long as the individual is employed or enrolled.  No renewal is required; unless a prior approval to drive a College vehicle has been rescinded by Campus Security because of a poor driving record, accident, suspension or revocation of a driver's license.

D. Golf Carts and Other Off-Road Vehicles: No approval is necessary to drive golf carts or off-road vehicles.  However, drivers must be trained by the responsible department.  Drivers who drive in a reckless or exhibitionary manner may have their approved driver privilege for other Principia vehicles suspended or rescinded.  No off-road vehicle or golf cart may leave the College campus without express written consent from their department and Campus Security.

E.  Enforcement --rescinding of driving approval.

1. At the discretion of the Director of Safety Operations, a student driver may also lose their approved driver's status whenever Student Life has found him or her to have committed a safety-related infraction involving poor judgment or irresponsibility.

2. At the discretion of the Director of Safety Operations, a driver who is involved in an accident (including a minor accident) or who has a moving violation while driving a vehicle may have his or her approval to drive suspended temporarily while the case is being reviewed.  It is the driver's responsibility to alert Campus Security of the accident or ticket. If the driver is found to be at fault, approval to drive Principia-owned vehicles may be:

a) Conditionally granted to allow continued driving of Principia-owned vehicles for a period specified by the Director of Safety Operations not to exceed a year from the time that Campus Security is informed of the infraction. A violation which occurs during this conditional approval may automatically result in the loss of driving privileges according to the following provision, or

b) Suspended for a period of time to be determined on a case-by-case basis, or

c) Rescinded.  An appeal may be made to the Approved Drivers Review Board. Attendance at a defensive driving school and/or other requirements may be necessary for reinstatement as an approved driver.

F.  Approved Driver Review Board:

  1. The Approved Driver Review Board should consist of:
    a) Superv. of Vehicle Maintenance
    b) Campus Security Director
    c) Facilities Dept. Director
    d) One male student and one female student.

  2. The purpose of the Approved Driver Review Board shall be to review appeals for drivers who have had their approval privileges suspended or rescinded. This process is optional.
  3. To initiate an appeal, the applicant contacts the chairman of the Driver Review Board and requests a review of her/his particular situation. A time for the review is scheduled at the convenience of the committee and the applicant. For the purpose of supporting goals related to safe driving of Principia owned/leased vehicles; in the spirit of encouraging respect for community-wide investment in safe driving; and in the interest of providing a format for clear, effective dialogue about issues relating to safe driving, applicants who have an opportunity to visit with the Approved Driver Review Board are expected to do so in person. Decisions of the Review Board take precedence over the decisions of Campus Security.


V. Definitions

*Rescinding -- refers to Principia's authority to take away a person's driving privileges for driving Principia-owned vehicles.

**Suspension -- refers to temporary loss of driving privileges. The authority may be the State's or Principia's for Principia-owned vehicles.

***Revocation -- refers to the State's authority to take away driving privileges.

Amended 05/03/2010