The Campus Security Office distributes all keys for campus building access. Electronic card keys and hard keys are issued on the basis of necessity rather than convenience. Electronic and hard keys are not to be used contrary to the letter or the spirit of these policies. Departments cannot use their own lock without the approval of Campus Security.

To check out a key, obtain a key contract from the Campus Security Office. Employees and students may obtain keys by requesting hard key contract and obtaining proper department approval for issuance. Department heads may request a key for new employees prior to their arrival and will be responsible for the key’s security while in their possession. .

Keys are issued on the basis of need to student, faculty, and staff. Keys are not generally issued to visitors or family members. Renters may be issued a spare key that is assigned in their name for their guests and family members.

1. Student workers and students who need a key in line with academic studies may be issued a key at the discretion of the department head.

2. Students who need keys for other reasons must seek approval from Campus Security and/or the department involved.

3. House and/or office key(s) may be obtained by department heads before a new employee has arrived on campus as a courtesy to the employee. The department head accepts full responsibility for the key(s) while in their possession. Responsibility is transferred to the employee when a key contract has been signed and received at Campus Security by the new employee.

1. All persons holding or using school Electronic or hard keys are responsible for being familiar with, and complying with these policies.

2. All key holders are responsible for returning their key(s) when there is an academic break or when leaving Principia. Keys are to be turned in at the Campus Security Office.

3. All key holders accept responsibility for the security of the equipment and area to which they have access.

4. Duplication of a Principia key may result in a key holder's suspension, termination of employment or other punitive action.

5. Assigned keys should not be loaned to others.

6. As a matter of courtesy, key holders should only enter or provide access to approved areas.

7. Key holders must report lost, misused or stolen keys to Campus Security immediately. Failure to do so will result in charges as outlined in section VII, Charges and Discipline.

8. All key holders are responsible for reporting known violations of this policy.

9. All key holders are responsible for paying specified fines as well as any additional charges for re-keying occasioned by a loss of key.

1. If a department has a key reservoir, the department head is responsible for its security.

2. All keys are to be kept in a single, locked area. Key reservoir locations should have one department member assigned to be responsible for daily check-in and check-out of these keys.

3. Workers using departmental reservoirs may not take these keys home. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by Campus Security.

4. Losses or misuse of reservoir keys should be communicated immediately to the Campus Security Office. The department is responsible for paying for lock changes or any other costs incurred by the loss of a reservoir key.

5. Timely reporting of problems or violations is essential to building security.

1. All keys must be returned immediately if requested.

2. All students must turn in their hard keys at the end of each semester and at the beginning of each break; an Electronic key is kept by the student throughout the years but must be reauthorized for use at the beginning of each term. If a key is needed beyond a semester or break, a new key contract must be processed and filed with Campus Security.

- Any employee leaving Principia must turn in his or her hard keys by the end of the last day of work.

- Any visitor leaving Principia must have his or her keys turned in before leaving or the hosts will be held responsible for resulting fines and penalties.

3. Lost keys will be replaced only after a review of the circumstances, assessment of costs for lock changes, and payment of fine(s) is made.

1. Charges and discipline for violating these policies are as follows:

a). Loss of key: $25.00 or $50.00 (depending on the key)
b). Loss of Electronic Key Card $ 25.00
c). Unauthorized lending of key or Electronic Key Card $15.00
d). Late key return $15.00 per month
e). Failure to file Lost Key Report $15.00 per month until filed or return of key.
f). Leaving a key/Electronic Key Card unattended $ 15.00 per key
g). Leaving a Principia House Key unattended $ 50.00
h). Leaving a dorm trunk room key unattended $ 25.00

2. Anyone losing a key must report the loss immediately to Campus Security and fill out a lost key report. If a key is not returned on time and a lost key report is not filed, late charges will apply until a lost key report is filed or the key is found and returned to Campus Security.

Accumulated late charges may be applied to the $25.00 or $50.00 lost key fine once a lost key report is filed.

3. All key holders are responsible for lost or stolen keys and the cost of resulting damages and/or required lock changes. Lock changes may be necessary for an entire building or area, depending on the security level that the key holds.

4. Campus Security may restrict key privileges for individuals or department reservoirs if an appropriate authority finds that this policy is being violated.

5. Failure to return a key may have the following result:
A. Students:
- a letter from the Office of Student Life asking for return of key.
- withholding transcripts and grades.
- charges for fines and related expenses

B. Employees:
- a letter from department head or superior asking for return of key.
- charges for fines and related expenses

C. Contractors:
- withholding final payment. Note: Keys are not normally issued to contractors. Any contractor who does obtain a key(s) is required to check it in and out with Campus Security or Facilities on a daily basis. The hiring department is responsible for all fines and penalties if a key is not returned.
- charges for fines and related expenses.