Principia Gate House

The Campus Security Gate House is manned 24/7/365 to respond to all emergencies occurring on the college campus. The number to call is 5111. Cox Cottage, Principia's nursing facility, is available for community members needing Christian Science nursing care. You may also call 911 from most phones on campus to reach the Jersey County Emergency Dispatcher for police, fire or ambulance service if needed. You do NOT need to dial 9 to get an outside line for this emergency call.

C.S. Nursing Care/Health Emergencies (5000)

God is "equal to every emergency" (Science and Health p. 406:5), and should be turned to in any emergency situation. The following steps should also be taken immediately:
- call Cox Cottage (5000) and follow the phone instructions to page the nurse if necessary
- be sure to give the exact location of the incident, what the problem is, and who is involved.
- do not move the individual, unless necessary for safety reasons (fire, water, traffic).
- loosen any tight clothing around neck or waist.
- keep individual comfortably warm.

When students go to Cox for more than minimal care, it is expected that they will have Christian Science treatment, usually from a Journal-listed practitioner.

A person is "in" who is unable to participate in their normal activities due to a need for healing. Students should contact their resident counselor immediately, and day students and Davis/Schulz students should contact Cox Cottage directly. Students are responsible for contacting their employers, professors, and coaches.

Students who are not feeling well may remain in their dorms up to two days before going to Cox Cottage, unless the claim is one of contagion, or unless the student would receive more appropriate care at Cox. If Principia determines that a student is unable to maintain normal activities and our facilities cannot provide the necessary care, the student will be asked to withdraw.


Principia has a tornado siren which will go off if a tornado or funnel cloud has been sighted, or if the national weather service has issued a warning for the immediate area. The siren is a 3-minute steady wail. If you are in a building, go to the basement. If there is no basement go to an inside area of the lowest floor, away from all windows. If you are outside lie flat in a depression, ditch or ravine. Do not stay in a vehicle. Principia's siren is tested from April through October on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 1:00pm. It is possible at times to hear the tornado siren from across the river that is sounding in St. Charles County, Missouri, but that does not necessarily mean you need to take cover here at Principia. If you are not sure, call the Front Gate.


If you are indoors stay there. Get under a bed or desk or stand within an interior doorway until the shaking stops. Stay away from windows. If you are outdoors, move to a clear area away from power lines, trees, buildings, etc, and lie down. If you are driving stop your car and stay inside. Don't park near anything that could fall on your vehicle. After an earthquake evacuate the building. Never use a candle or open flame due to the possibility of leaking gas lines. Report damages or injuries to the Front Gate (5111). Be aware that aftershocks are common.


Please report to the Gate House the presence of strangers (including salespersons or other solicitors) who appear to be uninvited or unauthorized. Hunters, hikers, horseback riders, or ATV users on our property should be reported to the Gate House immediately.

Locking Women's Student Housing

All exterior doors to student housing are locked 24/7 by an electronic locking system. Women's sleeping hallways in coed houses are locked in the evening and reopened in the morning.

Crime and Vandalism Report

Crime and vandalism incidents must be reported to the Campus Security Office.

Bluff Safety

You are not allowed to go down the bluffs from any point along the bluff ridge or beyond the limits indicated by the signs. Please do not pass the fence marking the end of the bluff trail leading toward Elsah.

Climbing Safety

Any climbing or repelling on Principia property or buildings must be approved by Campus Security.


Community members and their guests may camp and have campfires on Principia property with approval from Campus Security obtained at least 24 hours in advance. Bonfires require a 2-week advance approval. Permit application forms are available at the office bulletin board 24 hours a day.

Wildlife Safety

The campus and surrounding countryside is home to abundant wildlife, including deer, poisonous snakes, and coyotes. Be alert to them when walking or driving. Also be aware that outer doors left open are often inviting to snakes and rodents that seek out the warmth of buildings when the weather cools down in the evening hours.