Bicycle, skateboard, in-line skate, roller skate and scooter activities are allowed on the Principia College campus by Principia adult and student community members within the following guidelines:

  • Be obedient to all Elsah ordinances that apply to this topic.

  • Be obedient to all Principia policies, rules, and expectations.


  1. Recreational/Sport Skateboarding in Designated Area: Principia students and adults may do skateboarding jumps, tricks, flips, and otherwise engage in recreational skateboarding, only in the skateboard park.

  2. Walkways: Bicycle, skateboard, in-line or roller skate, and scooter use is permitted as transportation on walkways, as long as users yield to pedestrians and are safe and courteous.
  3. Roadway Guidelines: Transportation use of bicycle, and skateboard, roller and in-line skate, and scooter use is permitted on roadways only as follows:
    • Daylight only (except bicycles with proper lighting and reflectors)
    • Illinois bicycle rules of the road are followed, including stopping for school buses and stop signs
    • Riders act safely and responsibly
    • Exceptions may be granted for approved club activities
  4. Prohibited Areas: Bicycling and skateboarding, in-line or roller skating, scooter use is not permitted in the following areas:
    • Inside buildings
    • In front of glass door entrances
    • On railings and stairs
    • Tennis courts and track
    • Pub patio
  5. Safety Helmets: Safety helmets are recommended for use when participating in any, bicycle, skateboard, roller and in-line skate or scooter activities.
  6. Off-Campus Use: Users of bicycles, skateboards, roller and in-line skates, and scooters who ride off campus do so at their own risk—but rules of the road must still be observed for their own safety and that of the Elsah community.
  7. Fines: Unsafe and unauthorized use of bicycles, skateboards, roller and in-line skates, and scooters - $50.00 - $100.00 fine
    Confiscation fine for parking in unauthorized places, such as walkways - $10

  8. Scooters and bikes not licensed by the state: Non-licensed, personal motorized scooters, carts, motorized bikes, pocket bikes, razor bikes, etc., may not be operated on College property, and may not be stored in student housing - $50.00 fine.
    (Licensed motorcycles and other motorized vehicles driven by licensed drivers are, of course, permitted. We recommend drivers of motorcycles wear helmets.)


  1. All bicycles must be registered with Campus Security ($10.00 fee) within one (1) week of arrival on campus.  Unregistered bicycles are subject to being impounded and confiscated.
  1. Bicycle owners are responsible to keep their bike(s) in safe working order and stored in bike racks or approved storage when not in use. It is Principia’s policy to insure that the campus not become cluttered with abandoned bikes, which create unsafe and unsightly conditions.  Bicycles are to be stored in bike racks provided on campus. Bikes are not to obstruct sidewalks, building entrances, lawns, bushes, or inside of any building at any time. 

  1. Abandoned bicycles- Bicycles will be confiscated if they are un-rideable and/or unattended on the campus for an extended time.  Such bikes will be impounded in temporary storage for not more than two academic terms.  Reasonable efforts will be made to contact the owner of the bicycle during this period.  Unless specifically approved for extended storage by Campus Security, these bikes will officially become abandoned property after two academic terms for underclassman or after 30 days for graduates, former faculty/staff and former residents. These abandoned bikes become the property of The Principia and will be disposed of at Principia’s discretion.  Principia will not attempt to contact the owners a second time after the above referenced timeline has elapsed.  Bikes will be sold, given away, thrown away or otherwise disposed of as seen fit.  A $25.00 disposal fee will be billed to cover costs of this handling.   

  1. Confiscated bicycles are subject to a $10.00 recovery fee due upon return to the owner.

  1. A bicycle may be stored in a house room, when the following requirements are met:

    1. Written permission is given from the resident counselor and the roommate in the house involved to Campus Security, each terms.

    2. The bike is re-registered each term for dorm room indoor storage subject to a $10.00 per term fee. 

  2. Taking a bicycle you do not own without the owners specific permission is considered theft and will result in a $50.00 - $100.00 fine.  Bike theft may also be reported to local authorities for investigation and possible prosecution.

Missing Bicyles
Report missing bikes to Campus Security using the Missing Bicycle Report available at the office window.  Security Officers will help to search for missing bikes, and return them to the owner.