Withdraw-Return Information


How do I withdraw from and/or return to Principia?
There are two people who are ready to help answer your questions and make your transition either to or from Principia go smoothly. First you will need to contact the Enrollment Coordinator in Admissions, who will:

  • give you an important checklist and lots of helpful info

  • notify the Principia departments who need to know you’ll be away

  • listen and share resource ideas and tips to make things as easy as possible for you

The second person you can contact is the Transition Coordinator in ACA, who will:

  • act as a sounding board to help while you consider various related options
  • keep confidences where you feel your situation calls for it
  • set up a connection with your advisor and Registrar once you’re considering coming back, to help you get advised and registered from wherever you are, exactly when your on-campus Prin classmates do

Students uncertain about staying at Principia should know there is someone to talk to. And if you’ve already decided to withdraw, to work for example, or just take time off from school, or take classes at another college/university, etc., you’re in that “transition mode”; then the Enrollment Coordinator should become your “Question Central” Principia resource. Whether you’re on or off campus at the time, you can make that one call to get things started or accomplished!

Contact Information:

Enrollment Coordinator: Dan Schneider
Office: Admissions, School of Government
On-campus Phone: 618.374.5574
Cell Phone: 618.610.5008
E-mail: dan.schneider@principia.edu

Academic Transition Coordinator: Kristin Halsey
Office: ACA (Academic & Career Advising), School of Government, terrace level
Phone: 618.374.5777, 800.277.4648, x2801
E-mail: kristin.halsey@principia.edu


“Temporary” withdrawals

Students who withdraw “temporarily” (for only one or two quarters) should notify the Academic Transition Coordinator with contact email, phone number and location because the Academic Transition Coordinator (x5777, SG 114) will help the quarter prior to returning, with the communication between the student and his/her advisor(s), especially during advising & registration weeks (weeks 7 & 8 ). If the student’s plans to return become evident after week 8, the Academic Transition Coordinator will help achieve the registration up until the “batch” deadline date during the break which is set by the Registrar.

“Permanent” withdrawals

Students who withdraw “permanently” (for three Quarters or more) need to see the Academic Transition Coordinator (x5777) in Academic and Career Advising (ACA), SG 114, for an exit interview.  The Academic Transition Coordinator then alerts all offices impacted by the student’s withdrawal, which include the Office of Admissions and Enrollment, the Office of Student Life, Financial Aid, Billing Services, and the Registrar’s Office.  The student should then personally contact his/her employer(s), academic advisor(s) and resident counselor, coach(s), the Financial Aid Office (7+ 3554) and the mailroom.  If the circumstances of the withdrawal do not allow the student opportunity to contact these individuals personally, the Academic Transition Coordinator and/or Student Life will provide this notification.

Students who originally withdrew “permanently” but who return after an absence of only one or two quarters, should simply contact the Academic Transition Coordinator. Their resuming process will then be the same as for “temporary” withdrawals.



Social: One and two-quarter suspensions do not have to re-apply in order to resume studies at Principia.  Three-quarter suspensions must re-apply through the Office of Admissions and Enrollment.*

Academic:  Eligibility to re-apply through the Office of Admissions and Enrollment is granted upon completion of a full year of satisfactory work at another accredited college, a full year of work experience, or a combination of the two. *

Financial:  The Business Office (Billing Services) must clear a student on financial suspension prior to his or her return to and/or registration at Principia.*

*NOTE: In all three types of suspension, the Academic Transition Coordinator must obtain clearance from the applicable office prior to the student’s being able to work with the Transition Coordinator in order to be re-enrolled, advised and registered for the upcoming quarter. 

Uncertainty about withdrawal
Students who are uncertain about their return should see the Academic Transition Coordinator, who may be able to help them clarify what they want to do or to refer them to another who might be able to help.  Students are encouraged to work with their advisor and plan an advising registration agreement and even register for the next quarter rather than withdraw, if they are uncertain, in order to keep their options open.

Regardless as to whether a student has withdrawn “permanently” or “temporarily”, if that student has been away for just one or two quarters, he or she may return to Principia without re-applying, by contacting the Academic Transition Coordinator in ACA, (618-374-5777 or 800-277-4648, x2801).

After a one-year (3 quarters) absence, however, the student must contact and work with the Office of Admissions and Enrollment in order to return to Principia.  The student is sent a shortened application form, which the Admissions Committee will review. Upon re-acceptance, the Academic Transition Coordinator then becomes involved in coordinating the advising and registering process for that student.



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