Student Ombudsman

Principia’s Student Ombudsman is available to listen to and work with students who have tried unsuccessfully to resolve an issue regarding their experience at Principia through other channels (using the Matthew Code or other means with a peer, a faculty member, an advisor, or a Resident Counselor, for instance). 

The Student Ombudsman treats each situation with confidentiality and neutrality, helping the student understand and state clearly his/her issue, encouraging a metaphysical approach as well as assisting the student through whatever steps need to be taken for an issue to be resolved fairly and amicably. The Student Ombudsman may help by assisting in clarification, exploring helpful options, sharing ideas the student might take forward on his/her own or with the Student Ombudsman's help, gathering data and hearing pertinent information from all parties involved, as well as possibly setting meetings and facilitating a mediation process between the student and whomever the issue still remains.

The Student Ombudsman is part of Principia College’s program to fulfill the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) required system for handling student complaints/grievances.  A dean may need to be involved in order to help resolve the complaint.


Contact Information

Student Ombudsman
Office: ACA (Academic & Career Advising), School of Government, terrace level
Phone: (on campus) ext. 5777,618-374-5777, 800-277-4648, ext. 2801


Informal Complaint Process

Step 1: A student concerned about an academic or non-academic issue meets informally with the Student Ombudsman. Resolution may occur at this level without the necessity of involving additional individuals. In this case, complete confidentiality is guaranteed.

Step 2: After talking with the Student Ombudsman, third-party individuals may be consulted when clarification is necessary. Every effort is made to accommodate the student’s needs and provide the student with the greatest confidentiality possible.

Additionally, the Student Ombudsman will arrange for and accompany the student to an informal meeting with the party being complained about. The expectation for this meeting is resolution of the immediate issue and healing on the part of all parties involved.  The Ombudsman may ask a dean to intervene and assist at any time.

Step 3: The student submits a formal complaint if there is no resolution through the above two steps.

Step 4: The COMPLAINT ADMINISTRATOR in the Personnel Office oversees the resolution of the formal complaint.

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