An intern can:

  • help complete special projects
  • expand your work force
  • provide an opportunity for you to give back through a mentorship role
  • develop future talent for your organization

If you're an employer and would like to sponsor a Principia intern, read our Employer Internship Packet. This packet provides all the necessary information for sponsoring an intern. If you have any questions about Principia's Internship Program, or if you are ready to hire an intern, contact ACA

Employer Internship Packet

  1. Welcome Letter
  2. Internship Sponsor General Information: Includes basic information about internships and a helpful checklist.
  3. Internship Description: Inform ACA of an internship opportunity with your organization by contacting the coordinator at aca@principia.edu or by faxing a copy of the Internship Description to 618-374-5773.  
  4. Employer Evaluation of Intern: An evaluation form to provide constructive feedback regarding the intern's performance. Employer should submit copies to the student and ACA.

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