Academic Internships

If you would like to have pre-professional work experience listed on your transcript, or if you are a Mass Communication or Sociology & Anthropology major, you need to complete an academic internship.

Principia's academic internships are administered through the Internship Coordinator in Academic & Career Advising (ACA) in conjunction with a Principia faculty member of your choice. All academic internships require the following:

  • support and advice from a faculty sponsor
  • academic work in addition to on the job experience
  • development and approval of a learning contract to ensure a high-level, academically-based experience

ACA is available to help you develop your resume and cover letter. You will also get assistance with research, networking, and interview techniques to help you secure an internship. There is considerable paperwork to fill out to receive credit, so check out the time table below, and know that ACA is here to help you through every step of this process.



Securing academic internships take time. It averages 6-8 weeks to locate, apply, interview, and secure an internship, so starting two terms before the intended internship is recommended, therefore, it is important to begin your search as early as possible. The preliminary steps for your academic internship include the following to take place during the term prior to your internship:

Weeks 1-8

  •   Come to the ACA office to discuss internship plans and pick up the internship appllication, status of finances, and learning contract packet.


  • Finalize an internship location and confirm a field sponsor.

Week 9


  • Meet with your advisor(s) to go over the internship application and brief them on where and when you plan on interning. Obtain your advisors' signature(s) on the application and set an appointment to work on the internship contract.


  • Meet with the finacial aid director to complete your statue of finances paperwork.

Week 10

  • Submit the internship application and status of finances to ACA by Friday at 5 pm.


  • Submit the learning contract by Friday at 5 pm.

Week 11

  • First phase signatures due to ACA by Friday at 5 pm.

Week 12

  • Second phase signatures due to ACA by Friday at 5 pm.




The requirements for each academic internship may vary, therefore it is important to discuss the length of your internship and the on-the-job hours with the Internship Coordinator before making final plans.

The time requirement for an academic internship includes time on-the-job, plus academic work such as writing journals and research papers. Academic work should encompass roughly 2/3 of the minimum total hours needed per earned credit.




Minimum Total Hours





5 during break,

10 during term

126 hours


6 during break,

10 during term

252 hours



630 hours

The above are only minimum requirements; in order for this to be a meaningful experience the ideal internship is one which allows you to be on the job for the maximum amount of time possible. 

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