Expectations of Advisors

Expectations of Advisors

  1. Read and be familiar with Faculty Resources Online and the Principia College Catalog

  2. Attend Advisors’ Briefing Meeting each quarter, Friday of 6th week from 12:45-1:45 or make up meeting week 7.

  3. Arrange coverage for your advisees if you will be off campus during drop/add or for advising and registration (7th -8th weeks & Monday of 9th week); and inform Registrar's Office and Academic and Career Advising (ACA).

  4. Communicate your expectations to your advisees.

  5. Use the Educational Planning Guide to help students with short and long-range planning. Please take the time to ask the additional questions and to help them get the information needed to make educational choices in a timely way.

  6. Know what on-campus resources are available to support students and refer your advisees to them when appropriate.

  7. Sign drop/add cards ONLY when they are completely filled out in pen. Your signature indicates that you have checked your advisee's records and have talked with the advisee about the effects of this action (e.g., registration change, Scholastic Committee petition, graduation application, etc.).

  8. Call us in ACA for information, ideas, or pep talks. We want to do all we can to support your important role with students!

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