Cover Letters

Cover letters (both e-mail and “snail mail” versions) frequently are your written first impression.  The goal of a cover letter is to get you to the next stage in the application process … NOT to “close the deal.”  Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing cover letters:

  • Keep it short – generally no more than three to four short paragraphs

  • Tell the recipient three things

    • Why you’re writing

    • Why you think you’re a good candidate to help them

    • What you suggest as the appropriate “next steps”

  • You don’t need to say everything about yourself, just the basics. Leave the rest for the interview.

  • Use the same "key words" you see in the job description, position advertisement, or company website, if they describe your talents.

  • Don’t assume familiarity … address them as “Ms. Jones” or “Mr. Smith” unless you already know the recipient personally.


Cover Letter Samples

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        ►  Cover letter - Teaching


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