Housing, Meals, Dress


Conference attendees will be housed in Anderson Hall. You may check into your room any time after 10:00 a.m. on Monday morning, January 11. Arrivals prior to January 11 are not permitted. If you plan to arrive early, you'll need to make other arrangements. Bed linens will be provided.

Married couples and attendees over the age of 30 will be housed in the Principia Guest House ($55 extra per night) or may make off-campus lodging arrangements.

Current College students may remain in Anderson Hall on Friday, January 15 (after the conference has ended) but must move to their regular dorms on Saturday morning, January 16.


All meals will be provided as part of your Conference fee. Vegetarian options will be available upon request. 

  • Monday: light supper
  • Tuesday: continental breakfast, lunch with breakout sessions, informal dinner with panel discussion
  • Wednesday: continental breakfast, working lunch, professional dinner
  • Thursday: continental breakfast, lunch, closing banquet

Meals are not provided on Friday or Saturday morning but are available at standard rates in the Dining Room.

What to wear

The Career Conference is a professional event. Attendees are expected to wear “professional casual” dress to most sessions. No athletic-type clothing or shoes, please. Men: collared shirt, clean “Dockers” type pants, polished shoes. Women: Slacks or skirt, conservative blouse, flats or dressy sandals.
Dress for professional dinner (Wednesday evening), closing banquet (Thursday evening), and  mock interviews (Thursday afternoon) is "professional dress." Men: suit or pressed slacks with sports coat, dress shirt with conservative tie, polished shoes. Women: suits (pants suits allowed) or skirt with jacket, dressy blouse, and appropriate shoes with hosiery.

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