Self Discovery / Exploring Interests

Inquire   ♦    Identify  ♦    Evaluate  ♦   Integrate

ACA will help you explore how to connect your passions, skills, values, and talents to different majors and to your future work.


“There are no right or wrong decisions, only satisfying and unsatisfying ones.”

           Virginia Gordon, Career Advising, 2008







Where do I start?

Look at who you are:

  • your skills
  • your  talents

  • your interests

  • your values

  • your accomplishments

Reflect on past experiences through which you felt fulfilled or successful.  What activities or events have really excited you?  Can you picture yourself enjoying learning more and getting more in-depth?


What resources are available to you?

ACA also offers ways to identify more of your God-given attributes through various resources (a few are listed below):

  • StrengthsQuest by Gallup University (get your access code from ACA,

  • Campbell Interests and Skills Survey (get your access code from ACA,

  • Check out books in ACA's library

    • College Majors and Careers: A Resource Guide for Effective Life Planning
    • How to Get Any Job With Any Major?
    • What Should I Do with My Life?
    • What Color is Your Parachute?
    • Creating a Life Worth Living


It’s important to “know yourself” as you consider career options.  Prayer is the essential starting point – knowing that your journey in life is totally guided by Divine Mind.

Many people also find that various self-discovery tools are helpful.  Principia’s Academic and Career Advising office has made arrangements to help students and alumni with three such self-assessment and self-evaluation tools:

StrengthsQuest®– Developed and administered by the Gallup Organization, StrengthsQuest utilizes a 30 minute, on-line assessment survey to reveal five “themes of talent.”  It gives students ideas about how to utilize their strengths in academics, extra-curricular activities, personal and professional relationships, and careers.  More information can be found at StrengthsQuest's website

Principia has arranged for discounted fees for this self-discovery tool ($15.50 – test code only; $30 – book AND test code).  Contact ACA ( to sign-up. 

Campbell Interest and Skill Survey® -- This self-assessment tool, administered by Pearson Associates, analyzes self-reported interests and skills, and categorizes results into seven “Orientation Scales” – influencing, organizing, helping, creating, analyzing, producing, and adverturing.  It also connects you with extensive government and private web-based resources about various occupational fields. 

Principia has arranged for discounted access codes for the C.I.S.S. tool ($13.50).  Contact ACA ( to obtain your access code.


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