Advising & Registration

From the start, you get to build a relationship with a specially matched academic advisor who will help you develop a unique educational plan through one-on-one advising appointments. 

Later when you are declaring a major, you will have the opportunity to choose your advisor from one of our superb faculty members in that department. An academic advisor supports and challenges students as they make educational and career decisions.


What am I responsible for?

  • Asking lots of questions

  • Researching your academic records on BannerWeb (SSB)

    • Transcript (includes mid-term, final grades, GPA, etc.)

    • Degree Evaluation

  • Checking out registration materials including:

  • Reviewing class choices for the next quarter

  • Making advising appointments with your advisor(s)

  • Discussing long range goals

  • Obtaining necessary overrides for courses

  • Completing an Advising Registration Agreement (ARA), and receiving an Alternate Pin number for registration


Need tips for course selection?

  • Normal load is 12-18 credit hours

  • P.E. credit is not considered part of your academic credit hours for graduation or part of your normal load of 12-18 credit hours.

  • Review needed courses for graduation, major or minor

  • Check attributes: does the course meet a requirement?

  • Complete math and foreign language requirement as early as possible

  • Stay on track with the writing program

  • Look for a variety of different types of courses
    (i.e., balance heavy reading, math, writing, and lab or studio, etc.)

  • Check course prerequisites in the catalog


What can advisors help with?

  • Discussing academic, personal, and professional interests

  • Reviewing courses for the upcoming term

  • Managing varsity athletic schedules with academic planning

  • Planning an externship or internship

  • Exploring Abroads or term(s) away

  • Discussing transfer credits

  • Exploring information about different majors and minors

  • Reviewing the Liberal Arts Distribution Requirements

  • Understanding major and all college requirements

  • Checking your academic standing(e.g. NCAA qualification, probation, suspension, etc.)

  • Discussing academic progress / opportunities for growth

  • Providing information on a variety of resources (research, writing, math, and reading resources, etc.)

  • Developing a long range strategy to achieve goals

  • Exploring ideas about careers and/or graduate schools   


Can I change my advisor?

Yes!  Contact ACA any time ( after you start your first term.



When and how do I register?

  • Receive your Alternate PIN during an appointment with your primary advisor (this PIN is needed during drop/add as well as during registration, and requires you to be logged into BannerWeb)

  • Obtain needed overrides prior to registration (instructors enter “overrides” online for signature courses, prerequisites, class level or over-the-limit) 

  • Register according to current class standing (freshmen, sophomore, etc.) 

  • Use BannerWeb (SSB)


When is Drop/Add?  How do I change a course?

Drop/Add period is the first five days of each term

  • First two days the process is online BannerWeb (SSB)

  • Last three days of Drop/Add week only white cards, with faculty’s signatures will be allowed (take card(s) to the Registrar’s office to complete registration by Friday afternoon)


What if I am gone during Registration?

  • Off-Campus – access BannerWeb (SSB)

  • Resuming or Returning: - If a student is not enrolled currently, contact the Transition Coordinator ( in ACA for information and assistance with advising/registration

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