The Piasa Pub

During winter break 2002, the Piasa Pub underwent a complete renovation. Thanks to the combined efforts of the President, Student Life, Student Government, Dining Services, Facilities, Principia’s Interior Designer and a professional interior designer, the job was completed in time for the start of Winter Quarter. The renovation gave the pub a new face-lift, adding all new booths and tables, and soft seating in front of the fireplace. It received new countertops and a brand new soft seating area in front of the fireplace. The finishing touches included the addition of a newly painted ceiling and walls, and awnings that hang over all of the booths and the serving area.

In our more recent history, we have included some other more minor changes to the Pub's Dining area. We have a new menu board, some new trash bins, cabinets, and a customized painted wall behind the counter from two of our past Pub managers (Chris Hellman and Emma Sylvester). We are beginning a new biodegradable project in the Pub that will be combining the efforts of the community and the Pub student workers too.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you have much catching up to do. ;) Please leave us a comment in our comment box in the Pub, or an email to the Pub Manager, Mary (Marvin) Odhiambo at We, including Sherry, hope to see you soon.