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January 12-15, 2015

Principia ’s Career Conference is a non-credit course, offered during Winter Inter-term.  It will appear on your academic transcript as Special Studies (SPST) 091.

The fee has been reduced to $125 through a generous contribution by The Albert Baker FundThe Albert Baker Fund, matched by Principia’s general fund.  This fee will be billed directly to your PrinBill account and includes all materials, meals, and housing. 

The conference is open to all Principia College sophomores, juniors, seniors, and 1-year enrichment students.  Students enroll by completing this Registration Application.

Please complete ALL information requested below.

Pass the Blessing Forward

As a recipient of financial assistance from The Albert Baker Fund and Principia College for the Principia Career Conference, I understand that I make a commitment to find tangible ways to share with others the blessings I’ve gained from my education, and from participation in the Conference.

To learn more about financial assistance (non-Career Conference) from The Albert Baker Fund, click here

Please read the following, and check the box below:

I acknowledge that I’ve read this application completely and understand its contents, including the fact that, upon acceptance of this Registration Application, my PrinBill account will be billed $125 which I will pay by the due date.

Cancellation Policy:  Students may withdraw their enrollment at any time prior to January 4, 2015. Withdrawals should be sent to 100% of the Conference Fee will be credited to your PrinBill account if the withdrawal is received by December 14, 2014.  A 50% credit will be issued for withdrawals received between December 15, 2015, and January 4, 2015. After January 4, 2015, no credits will be issued.

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