Michael Kim

Michael Kim, Author 
2014 Ernie and Lucha Vogel Moral Courage Speaker

In 2003, Mike Kim sold everything he had and moved to the North Korea/China border to help those escaping the oppressive North Korean regime.

Kim operated undercover as a North Korean taekwondo student, using an alias to conduct operations on a 6,000-mile, modern-day underground railroad running from Pyongyang, North Korea to Bangkok, Thailand. Although feeding or sheltering North Koreans could have led to imprisonment, Kim persevered through interrogation, house arrest, and being held at gunpoint.

Seeking ways to bring greater attention to the plight of refugees, Kim returned to the United States in 2006 and spent the next year writing Escaping North Korea: Defiance and Hope in the World’s Most Repressive Country. Kim’s life story is currently being made into a feature film.