On Campus

The vibe on campus is authentic, natural, relaxed. There's always a variety of activities to choose from: dodgeball tournaments, open mic nights, movies, dance parties, concerts, and more. In addition, each house holds numerous in-house activities and also hosts at least one large-scale event for the entire campus. Take the Lowrey House Rumpus, for example, when the men of Lowery fill a pool with something––mud, noodles, you name it––and invite the campus to dive in. House traditions keep campus life interesting as well with occasions like Transylvania Treats, Howard Luau, Ferg Haunted House, Clara Toga Party, Buck Breakfast, and the ever-popular Starbrooks.

Chances are, though, that the small things––the impromptu snowball fight followed by s'mores and hot chocolate, Frisbee tag on the Chapel Green, kickball, hot tubbing, or just hanging at the house with friends––may end up being the activities that mean the most.

People are more uninhibited here than at the university where I started. That’s not to say Christian Scientists are better or more fun to hang out with, but I’ve met so many people here that have such a free sense of life and a really fun-loving character. Interacting with them has helped me become more like that, too.