Off Campus

If you’re ready to get off campus, you can find everything from greasy burgers to bubble tea in the towns nearby, or just head for the city. St. Louis has something for everyone.  
It’s definitely a sports town with the St. Louis Cardinals, the Blues, and the Rams. There are lots of interesting little neighborhoods with quirky restaurants and plenty of things to do. Go to South Grand for international cuisine or to the Hill for great Italian food. The University City Loop has 140 hip restaurants, boutiques, and places to hear live music. Forest Park was the site of the famous 1904 World’s Fair. A lot of that elegant charm remains, along with tons of room for Frisbee and a picnic or paddle-boating around the canals. While you’re there, be sure to spend some time at St. Louis’s impressive zoo and art museum, both of which are free.   

I didn't think there was much to do in St. Louis, but my visiting weekend changed my view of that!