Housing for Upperclassmen

Houses for upperclassmen are either single-sex or co-ed by floor. Although not all residence houses are stonewalled, Maybeck masterpieces, they all have their own personalities and provide a home away from home. Depending on the house, you’ll live with anywhere from 35 to 60 other students. With most of the student body living on campus, your classmates are also your housemates and house neighbors. Having everyone on campus isn’t a matter of convenience, it’s a matter of community. Each student has a personal stake in the common good, which fosters fellowship and mutual trust.

In the winter time, we offer Buck Breakfast on Saturday mornings. It’s a great time for the guys who work because we usually have three cooks crammed into our tiny kitchen in addition to a dishwasher and several waiters. This is probably my favorite tradition because of the social relationship with the guys in the house as well as the customers.