Dorms at Principia College are more like big houses. The famous architect Bernard Maybeck designed a number of them, so it’s like living in a very functional work of art.  

Size contributes to our strong sense of community, too.  Principia students know each other—and their professors—as individuals. And almost all students live on campus, so it’s easy to meet up for meals or study breaks or just to chill. One of the best things about a residential campus is that conversations roam all over the map. Discussion in a philosophy class continues over dinner and gets picked up again during a late-night cookie break.  

Freshmen start off in freshman housing, but by sophomore year students join different houses––all of which have their own character. Each house has its own resident counselor, along with a system of student government to oversee every house activity from social events to intramural athletics and new student orientation. All student houses include a computer lab, laundry facilities, a kitchen, and academic and Christian Science study rooms.


You have all this stuff that enables you to interact with everybody outside of class—the dorms, social events, intramurals. There’s just so much you can do here that gives you the chance to meet people and hang out with virtually anybody.