International Perspectives Conference

For fourteen years, Principia held a student-run Pan-African Conference focusing on issues concerning the people of the African Diaspora and celebrating the beautiful cultural diversity that is found on the African continent.

With the rapid growth in globalization and the increased interconnectedness between nations from all parts of the globe, the student body recognized a need to incorporate multiple perspectives from around the world. In 2014, with this in mind, the conference was renamed the International Perspectives Conference.

In the fall of 2015 we are focusing on the topic of 'Empowerment as Equals' as it stretches across gender, religion and ethnicity. We’ll host several speakers who will draw on their experiences in Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, India, and France to provide insight, educate, and inspire the campus and beyond. We will also be examining gender equality, and will be viewing the 2014 film The Mask You Live In, which explores American masculinity.

Visit the IPC 2015 website.

The conference is free for all Principia and other college students. Registration opens in August. You can also follow us on twitter @ipc_principia and join us on Facebook.

Our objective for this year’s conference was to present the beauty and rich qualities of the continent—a topic too often sidelined.