Clubs & Organizations

No matter what your specific interests are, you can find a way to pursue them at Principia College. Principia students have a long-standing tradition of taking responsibility for their own education and giving generously of their time and talents to the community. That's part of the reason you’ll find student-run clubs on campus ranging from environmental awareness to stand-up comedy and from fencing to philosophy. It’s also the reason you’ll find so many people having so much fun!    

After all, Principia College’s character education in the liberal arts setting includes a lot more than just academics. There’s not an academic class on character education. The lessons learned come from the entire Principia College experience—from intellectual, social, physical, moral, and spiritual pursuits. Here are some ways you can pursue your interests, make a contribution to the community, and round out your education beyond the classroom:

+1 (A cappella Octet)
American Chemical Society
Amnesty International
Astronomy Club
BSU (Black Student Union)
Chess Club
Community Service Team
Deep Questions & Dark Chocolate
Euphrates Institute Fellows Program
Film Club
Friends of English (FOEs)
Friendship Around the World
Frisbee Club
Geology Club
Golf Club
Half the Sky Movement
International Perspectives Conf.
Jam Factory
Layad (Asian Culture)
Lazy Zipper Show (Comedy Club)
Mobile Apps

M.T.G. (Magic: The Gathering)  
PAAL (Prin Adventurers of Antiq & Legend) 
PAC (Public Affairs Conference)
Panther Racing
Phi Alpha Eta
Pickleball Club
Pilot (Newspaper)
Principia Internet Radio
Principia Music Production Assoc.
Principia Waterski Team
Rock Climbing (Climbing Team)
Sheaf (Yearbook)
Solar Car
Student Activities Center
Student Activities Program
Sustainability Club
Swing Dance
Theatre (Drama)
Whitewater Kayaking Club
Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)


Because it’s a small campus, there’s room for everyone to be a part of something. I’m president of Rackham, on the Model UN team, on the PAC executive board, and vice president of the CSO.