Campus Life

People who talk about Principia often refer to the atmosphere. It’s true that it may be the most supportive, vibrant, and invariably kind place you will ever find. Don't let those qualities tempt you into thinking that Principia College is idyllic and not part of the real world. What you’ll find on campus are real people who sometimes have tough problems, but the solid foundation that supports healing solutions makes all the difference in the world.   

The professors here are going to demand your finest thinking. You can’t hide in a class of only ten. Coaches will inspire your most focused and disciplined efforts. When you get inside the classroom, on the field, behind the podium, or on stage, you will face and learn to conquer real-world problems with confidence, grace, and support. Remember those things called limits? Your professors and coaches won’t see them, and after some experience in this atmosphere, neither will you. And the best part is, you’ll discover that this caliber of dominion over any sense of limitation is something you can take with you wherever you go.