Meet Senior Ben Frederick

Portland, Oregon

I am a double major in theatre and English (literature).


  • Ran cross country for a season
  • Acted in five productions: Robin Hood, A Tale of Two Cities: The Musical, Pericles (with the England Abroad), Almost, Maine, and Rumors
  • Acted in two student-directed one-acts
  • Performed all four years as a member of Lazy Zipper (the student improv comedy group)
  • Worked on the Pilot for most of my time at Prin
  • Participated in Plus One (an a cappella group)
  • Served as a Sunday and Tuesday Reader for CSO (the Christian Science Organization)
  • Went on the England Abroad in 2011

Because of Principia . . .

I have an internship with The Christian Science Monitor. Paul Van Slambrouck, a professor in the Mass Communication Department, is the adviser for the Pilot (the student magazine), and he's a former editor of the Monitor. I jumped at the chance to work with him and learn to be an editor. I thought a lot over the summer about what I wanted from the Pilot and what I wanted to do after graduation. Then I decided to apply to the Monitor for an internship. Magically, they said yes, and that's where I'll be going for a semester instead of graduating on time.

Principia highlights (so far):

  1. I have had the privilege of being a Reader for the CSO, which has blessed my life in so many ways. We have the largest CSO in the world (duh), and it's an incredibly supportive community.
  2. I have also been involved with the Pilot, the student news magazine, for four years. This year I got to be assigning editor. It's been a blast, and I've loved making our publication even more meaningful and professional.
  3. I've also been on the Lazy Zipper improv comedy team for four years.

Thoughts about Principia:

The thing I like best about Principia is the commitment to education of the “whole man.” In founder Mary Kimball Morgan's eyes, academics are only one-fifth of the educational process. (The other four-fifths are physical, spiritual, moral, and social). That doesn't mean that Prin lets you slide, but it does mean that you receive a well-rounded education. It's a system that isn't totally focused on academics, and that's almost entirely unique out of all colleges in the world.